Do You Know These 7 Indian CEOs Leading Global MNCs

List of Indian-origin CEOs who are leading global giants and setting an example for the rest with their skill and diligence.

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No matter whichever industry or sector we talk about, Indians have showcased their skills in almost every stream at global proportions. Not only have they made their careers great in global giants around the world but are also, playing a successfully constant role in managing operations worldwide.

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Sure, we all know Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google India and Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft India, but there’s a big list of these great minds that are not known by many. 

Here’s a list of Indian-origin CEOs who are leading global giants and setting an example for the rest with their skill and diligence.

  • Shantanu Narayen- CEO, Adobe

The global software company, Adobe has its touch everywhere. Whether it’s YouTube video or mobile apps or to run specialized programs like Acrobat, Photoshop etc., Adobe is the darling of software technology. The person who is behind this globally visible software tech company is the Indian-origin based, Shantanu Narayen. Shantanu is one of the India’s highest paid CEOs, who is been lauded for extensively upgrading the portfolio. The CEO of Adobe, Shantanu wears a hat of many feathers as he is ubiquitously everywhere from I.T to education to politics. Currently, he heads the operations of $4 million worth software giant.

  • Francisco D’souza- CEO, Cognizant

The 44 year old, Francis D’Souza heads the operations of Cognizant, the top-notch flight technology company with the seamless skills and working approach. The kid-faced CEO, who is extremely charismatic in his work wrote the success story of Cognizant when the U.S based, Cognizant overtook Infosys to become the second largest IT Company in India.

  • Sanjay Kumar Jha- CEO, Global Foundries

Sanjay Kumar Jha took over the operations of Global Foundries as the Chief Executive Officer in January 2014. Sanjay started off his career at Qualcom in 2006 at first, and then worked as the Chairman and CEO of Motorola Mobility. Presently, he is jigging the wheel of growth in Global Foundries.

  • Rajeev Suri – CEO, Nokia

Rajeev Suri, is the current CEO of Nokia company. Before heading the operations of Nokia, Rajeev worked for ICL, Churchgate and RPG Group. Suri has been an active persuader of Nokia since quite a long time. The current CEO of Nokia had extensively worked on number of assignments of Nokia since 1995. Rajeev used to be a very introvert fellow during his school, but over the years he transformed himself and now gives credits to his college i.e. Manipal Institute of Technology.

  • Ivan Menezes- CEO, Diageo

The Global Liquor beverages company is synonymous to the name Ivan Menezes, an Indian-origin CEO of Diageo. Over the years, Ivan has given a successful growth to Diageo. Ivan is an MBA graduate from Northwestern University Kellogs School of Management, he also holds a bachelor’s degree of arts from Stephen’s College, and a Post Grad Diploma from IIM-Ahmadabad. He started off his career with Nestle in 1981, he was appointed as chairman of Diageo Asia-Pacific in 2008. Since the day of Ivan’s appointment he has progressively streamlines Diageo America’s operations playing an active leadership role in the global giant. 

  • Piyush Gupta – CEO, DBS Group Holdings

The biggest South East-Asian Bank, DBS Group Holdings, is currently under the head operations of Piyush Gupta. Gupta is among the highest paid list of Singapore-based CEO. Piyush was hired by DBS Group in 2009. He was previously working with Citigroup. The total salary of Piyush is $9.2 million

  • Dinesh Paliwal – CEO, Harman International

The worldwide known, audio solutions company, Harman International is headed by Indian-origin Dinesh Paliwal. With his exuberant work and overly dynamic skills, Dinesh has transformed the image of Harman Internationals in the span of 8.5 years. Now, the current worth of Harman International is $8 billion. 

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