Microsoft Introduces Zo, Its New Chatbot

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After its earlier attempt with Tay, Microsoft is now taking another crack at creating a chatbot that is capable of talking like an average teenager.

The new chatbot, named Zo, will allow users to converse with a digital millennial over the messaging app Kik. Zo was first spotted by Twitter user Tom Hounsell, who mentions that Zo is quite similar to Tay, Microsoft's first attempt at a social media powered AI. Zo is capable of asking questions and responding to prompts, all while using hip slang and using emojis.

However, Tay ended up being corrupted with hate speech, which is something Zo has learned not to recreate. When sensitive topics are raised, such as politics, Zo will ask to change topics since "people can say some awful things when talking politics," as reported by MSPoweruser.

Microsoft is still to make an official announcement for Zo, but for now it seems that a talkative teenage bot has been given a second chance. Let's just hope this time it is a success. 

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