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What Goes Into Forming a Decade Old VC Team

What Goes Into Forming a Decade Old VC Team
Image credit: Matrix Partners India

It’s important to put together the right set of people in a team, not only in a startup, but also in a venture capital firm.  Matrix  Partners India has been into the funding business for more than a decade and here’s what co-founder Avnish Bajaj has to say regarding the process of team building at his firm.

What does it take to form the right VC team?

VC is an apprenticeship business viz. if a person shadows a good investor, s/he should be able to pick up those skills.

 What we look for is less about skills on the resume perspective but more the intrinsic of the person as demonstrated by the “story” on their resume and track record of achievement.

The number one thing we look for is hunger and hustle. We are an outbound, hustle driven firm. We go out and try to meet as many founders as possible. We don’t sit in our offices and wait for leads to come to our desks. We want self-motivated, hungry hustlers—who are also have IQ, EQ and are good learners. Easy enough !


Some of Matrix’s investments include Ola, Practo, Quikr, Razorpay, Finomena, MSwipe, Dailyhunt, Limeroad, Treebo, OfBusiness, Myra and Belong.