Don't Have The Budget To Market Yourself? Read #7 Tips For SMEs

Small business entrepreneurs need to be smarter, wiser in ensuring market credibility in a limited budget.

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More often than not, what small and medium business entrepreneurs look for are the ways to market themselves with no or little money. To conquer the battleground with the presence of big players in market, small business entrepreneurs need to be smarter and wiser in vouching ways to market in the limited budget.

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According to Omar Nelson Ortiz, CEO of Site-Oracle, a website that educates small entrepreneurs build successful business, said if you are a small or medium sized entreprneur, then you must work on these 3 steps to having your brand break through the next level, understanding 1) Strategy 2) Story 3. State

The goal of the small entrepreneur should be to work financially smarter not harder so to say, adds Omar. 

Here are his top 7 tips. 

  • An Effective Content is the Key

Goal is to wow the audience with content that evokes curiosity and allows engagement to take place. Do not post anything from a resource older than a month. The content is the king, which play a key role in driving traffic, and regulates it on website and social media pages. Quantity of content doesn’t really matter, what matters is the quality of content. Even if you have additional quality content, save it to feed on social media pages, it’ll definitely help. It works exceptionally well and eases it saving your time and energy.

  • Instructional/ Explainer videos

If you are an Indian SME, you may want to use a feature of explainer or instructional videos to woo your prospective customers. These explainer videos help companies in encouraging their sales. It also gives better understanding of a concept to target customers. A visually exclusive video help customers connect easily.

  • Offer Coupons and Incentives

A smart entrepreneur is one who identifies an opportunity in any situation to break the glass-ceiling. Grab an opportunity to raise sales and market yourself by offering coupons and incentivies. That could easily be done and implemented by any small or medium enterprise owner, and can be reckoned as an astute strategy. It will definitely help a business person raise sales and revenue. In the present situation of cashless India, it is easier to raise sales putting offer on various modes of payment to buy products.

  • Make effective use of Instagram  

As they say, “a picture speaks a thousand words”, implement the same in your professional work as well. In the dynamic atmosphere of being digitally driven, make an effective use of powerful tools like Instagram along with other social media giants Facebook, Twitter etc. A great way to engage more audience is to approach bloggers of the related field talking about the niche idea you’re working upon. This tactic will keep your ideas fresh and trending on web.

  • E-books

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs used to share their stories verbally on stage or talk shows. This is the trend of sharing your story in a medium to people on which you can connect easily to millions in one go. Small entrepreneurs must share their stories to market their brand, as one never know what can people inspire and fascinate in market. Give your ideas and efforts a value by sharing your story through the easiest yet effective tool- E-Books. Post it on website or send it on Amazon kindle for free-of-cost read.

  • Use of Brand name #tags

In the world of social media where people recognise soemtimes each other with their working profile or company, endorse your brand with the same way through # tagging on social media. It will surely give leverage on it as soon people will start taking you and your company's name together. 

  • Webinar and Workshops

A chunk of video on a particular subject will always market you and get more hits. If you have an expertise of any subject, you can easily work on this feature to market your self or your brand digitally. Post the free video of workshop and webinar and drive more traffic.