3 Unconventional Trends to Follow in 2017 if You're a Millennial

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If you’re a millennial or part of Gen Z you’ll find that our lifestyle is much different than the one’s of our parents. With the power of the internet, we can have opportunities that the older generations didn’t have. It puts us at an extreme advantage to go after what we truly want in life since we don’t have to focus on solely surviving. In 2016 we saw the beginning of the change in the workplace.


We saw that Millennials and Gen Z no longer work just to work. Which is why they are often labelled as lazy, self-entitled and a bunch of other things. The truth is – Millennials work with purpose. We appreciate living life more than working everyday just to survive. People all over the world have been noticing these trends and they’re not slowing down. In fact, I made a list of 3 unconventional trends below that you can expect to see in 2017.

Living with Purpose

The first trend you will see as I mentioned above is Millennials and Gen Z living with purpose.This generation has realized that chasing after your dreams is probably one of the best decisions anyone will ever make in their life. There’s no better way to live – even if you don’t make it, you will have lived your life doing what you love. This is the difference in entrepreneurs who only worked so they can survive and provide for their family.

The difference is passion. You see…when you coast through life – you’re cheating yourself of a better one. Rob Fajardo the co-founder of Leave Normal Behind say’s it’s specifically “identifying what you’re passionate about and going after it full force”. The way to identify what you’re passionate about is by asking yourself “if money was no object – what would you do every day to make yourself happy, satisfied and fulfilled”.

Total Freedom

The second trend you’ll find people going after total freedom rather than prestige. I first noticed this when I talked to the freedom entrepreneur himself Chris Duncan. His whole slogan is total freedom and here’s why…many people have the notion that you should work 24/7 if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. The problem with that is we’ve heard way too many times that people on their death bed will say their biggest regret is not living life. Not being with family and working too much.

The point of life is not to be a slave to your work – but to live life in the moment and enjoy every second of it because this is the only one we get. With the power of the internet we have seen many people create automated/systematised businesses so that instead of working on their business, they are living life. They are doing what they love. They have total freedom.

Child Prodigies

The third trend I haven’t hinted at yet is a big one that not too many people are noticing. The third trend you’ll find is younger kids becoming extremely successful. Again, with the power of the internet, Gen Z are able to compete in the same space as the older generation. I’ve been noticing more and more that young kids like Stefan Stokic who’s only 15 was told by investor Chris Sacca that the kid is a pure hustle.

We’ve also seen kids like Caleb Madix make a big name for himself as well as make more than 6 figures by being a motivational speaker around the world. These are just a few kids who are really taking advantage of their age. There are far more that I didn’t cover and there are a lot more kids that we will see become worldwide phenomena’s as the years go by. The reason being is that with the power of the internet if a kid does something big – the world can find out about it. If a video goes viral, that’s enough to make him start a career that leverages his virality. The opportunities are endless and you can bet the younger generation will use it to their advantage.