The Best Fitness Wearables of 2016 That Every Entrepreneur Must Have

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From fitness trackers to headsets to smart-watches and more, wearable devices continue to be the hot topic these days. Gone are the days, when people thought wearable tech was just a fancy accessory, intended never to stay for long.  Wearables can be of various shapes and sizes that improve overall wellbeing in many ways. There is no doubt that wearables are here to stay.  And if they have not appeared in your daily life, they soon will. All wearables require an app in order to connect to a compatible smartphone — typically an iPhone or an Android device.

We've round up the best wearables released this year.

Fitbit Charge2 :

The Fitbit is one of the popular brand in the wearable technology market. This month it was reported that the fitness band maker, has acquired software assets from smartwatch startup Pebble Technology Corp.

The company recently released software upgrades in Charge2 with various new features including a workout pause function, which allows you to pause any exercise you track by tapping the charge2 button. Apart from this one also gets improved heart rate visualization, guided breathing sessions, battery life indicator and do not disturb mode. So, If you are planning to buy any fitness wearable, you should waste no time buying the latest Fitbit Charge2.

Price : Rs. 11,999.00 (Amazon)

Apple Watch Series 2 : It's hard to define the Apple Watch Series 2 as it looks more like a watch rather than a fitness tracker.It has few similar features of Fitbit Charge2 like heart rate monitor and 'Breathe' app to control and track your breaths. The addition of GPS sensor and water resistance feature make the watch more of a fitness tracker. It majorly relies on visual representations to display your daily activity on the watch itself.

Price: Rs. 32,900

Misfit Ray : The slim and sleek fitness tracker Misfit Ray looks like a bracelet which further makes it unique from other fitness trackers in terms of design. The company had launched a new fitness and sleep monitor in January 2016 in Rose Gold and Carbon Black colors. Another strange addition in the fitness tracker was no use of the screen to track your daily activity.  In addition to tracking fitness activity and sleep, the device also alerts users about calls, texts, alarms and sends inactivity alerts.

Price:   Rs. 11,225

Moov Now : The not so popular fitness tracker Moov Now is branded as a lifestyle coach which does much more than tracking your workout session. It can track different movements such as impact, stride, swim laps, and rotations per minute while cycling.The fitness wearable is reasonably priced and gives you the best suggestions on improving fitness ability via headphone.

Price: Rs. 4299