Want to be Hale & Hearty? This Life Coach Has #10 Tips For Entrepreneurs

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Achieving a point of success in business is no cakewalk, but what’s harder than that is to manage the stress levels in an entrepreneurial journey. As no day is similar, and each day comes up with new challenges in business, an entrepreneur’s life is certainly no less than a roller-coaster ride. While there could be higher anxiety levels that every business leader undergoes, one must know the ways to deal with it in order to live a happy and balanced life.

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Jasmin Waldmann, German-origin life coach and fitness expert, shares some coolest and simplest tips that every entrepreneur must read to keep themselves calm and composed while dealing with invariable stress every day.

"A life of an entrepreneur has a lot of variations and the stress is never ending. No day is like the other as this position requires a lot. Entrepreneurs have to be flexible, being able to forecast," says Jasmin.

Here are her top tips.

  • Keep your mind clear

Do things only you can do, and delegate the rest to others. Never overburden yourself with work as eventually you will end up losing your inner qualities and credibilities. Too much work pressure eats the space in your mind, which has to be vacant to think and come up with better and innovative ideas. 

  • Go on an information diet

As a healthy person always follows a strict diet to maintain a balanced proportion of all the nutrients in body. Similarly, an smart entrepreneur should always be on information diet to come up with better ideas, and thus the results. Being aware of the things happening around is an intrinsic quality of entrepreneurs. Having junk information in the kitty is something that kills productivity and efficiency of an entrepreneur. Some easy ways to be on information diet with time management is to keep the journal in your car, or install adblock, afaqs on your smartphones. 

  • Train your brain

Learn a new language, remember phone numbers and names, meditate frequently. Regular training and movement is required for many reasons. Even 30 minutees of the day for some extra curricular stuff are good. Do not just sit an one place and instruct. Moving your body, look throughout the day for opportunities (like stairs instead of lift, walk around while talking over the phone, instead of sitting.

  • Be surrounded with inspirational people

Interacting with positive and light minded people are always an exuberant experience to gain and retain. What and whoever surrounds you, affects you. keep a hobby. stay curious and try frequently new things. 

  • Do not mistaken work with yourself

Make sure you do not consider yourself your work. As Jasmin puts in that you are not your work, even when you love what you do. Keep a bit distance to it- to see the bigger picture of things. Set up your priority- (only) one each day. Do or enjoy some art either music, painting, photography.

  • Work constantly on self-development

It is always important to grow personally on your own persepectives in life since it always affects the professional front. Also check what skills for the business would be needed from your side, and then go for it with a structured plan.

  • Plan only 70 per cent of your time

Do not reseve the 100% time for next day to do. Leave at least a 30% of it. Keep a monthly and weekly and daily structure and keep some flexibility. 

  • Reflect each day and ask yourself questions like?

What did i learn today; what 3 points have been great; did i do my best and where can I improve, ... ask questions which are relevant to you and make sure there ate not only business or private life. Mix them up

  • Connect frequently to other entrepreneurs and exchange thoughts

As the place as an entrepreneur is quite empty- challenges, one should always keep on exhanging views across each other.

  • Spending alone time always gives a push

One of the most important things that an entreprneus must focus is that spending alone time with yourself is sometimes very important to fuel yourself with more ideas and approach. If have free time, try spending it with your own self. Let things sink and simply enjoy yourself. Like sitting on your couch, enjoy a tea and indulge in the moment of just being This requires training and you need to withstand the urge to be busy.