Arm Your Business for Victory

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The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. George S. Patton


"Business is like war, how many of you agree? Raise your hands!" I asked at a leadership summit of a top Fortune 500 company. There was also a video link that was beaming into their offices across the world. Many hands went up. I smiled. I loved companies where people were not shy of looking at business as war.

"Excellent. And what does it take to win a war?" I asked looking at a very charged up crowd.

"Great people!" said someone.



"The best weapons!"


I smiled and nodded, "I am going to share powerful strategies that will help you kill the competition! Treat me as a weapon's manufacturer selling you the latest F-22 that will help you win the war!"

A few people started laughing.

"That also means I can sell the same weapons to your competitors!" I added.

This time everyone burst out laughing.

I was being completely serious; the latest arms in business warfare are available to everyone who is willing to invest in them. As an entrepreneur, you constantly need to invest in arming your people with the latest weapons to win business warfare.

Here are three of the most powerful business weaponry that you should be investing in on a continuous basis to build up your arsenal:

  • Killer Instinct

No MBA degree can teach your people a killer instinct. A killer instinct is what differentiates victory from failure. This ensures your people are able to bag that contract when everything seems to be doomed. It guarantees your competitors are afraid of your people and it ensures your clients know you will go to any extent to satisfy them.

A killer instinct will make your people hungrier and make them want to accomplish more and more. Companies and people with a killer instinct are always on the top. They have the best people, products and solutions.

  • Sales Mastery

Every day the sales force goes out to hunt for customers and kill competitors. If your sales force is not armed with the latest business weaponry, your competitors will win.

I have spent almost my entire life mastering the art of selling. I started selling at the age of 5 out of necessity and it is one of the best things that happened to me. If your people master the art of selling, nothing and nobody can stop them from conquering market share and moving ahead.

Sales mastery is not about selling but empowering people with the latest innovations in persuasion, human psychology, influencing the human mind and cracking larger deals.

Companies that die are always the ones who don't know how to sell! Look at what happened to companies like Blackberry, who were at one time considered market leaders. They got eaten up by newer innovative players like Apple who mastered the art of selling.

  • Happiness Mastery

If your people and forces are not happy and motivated, you will lose the war. This is a fact. People will stop caring, then stop performing and eventually start leaving your company.

I have seen the some of the world's biggest companies perish because they didn't know how to keep their people happy and motivated. Money is not the only thing that motivates people – there is a lot more that is needed to be done.

The most successful companies on the planet understand this and invest in arming their employees with happiness. Look at the world's best companies to work for – Google for example; I love their new meditation rooms at work!

Starbucks spent $ 30 million on a leadership seminar in 2008 to motivate their 10,000 employees. The results were incredible for the company with incredible growth and results.

As a leader and entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to lead your troops to victory. Leadership is not about telling people what to do, but showing them how it is to be done.

Lead by example and start arming your business for victory!