5 Lessons to Learn From Singer-turned-entrepreneur AR Rahman

Synonymous with the name of music, AR Rahman also serves a platform, 'Qyuki', which is one stop-shop for young talents to groom themselves.

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He is a singer, a song writer, musician, music producer, adding one more feather on his hat, so to say; he is a great entrepreneur as well. India’s most celebrated music composer, AR Rahman turned 50 today.


Synonymous with the name of music, AR Rahman also serves a platform, ‘Qyuki’, which is one stop-shop for young talents to groom themselves. The idea was envisioned by two-times Grammy winner and Academy winner, ‘Rahman’ who aim to make ‘Qyuki’ a largest online broadcast network for youth in India.

The singer turned entrepreneur aims high for his new avenue to walk on. Take a look at these #5 lessons that one can learn from the one in only ‘The Mozart of Madras’, Rahman.  

  • ‘Let your work speak louder’

"Criticism is fine - at the end of the day, my music speaks for itself."

With his dream in mind, and passion in soul, Rahman clearly believes in, action is louder than words. Those who know Rahman closely know about his silent, and ever smiling persona. Embracing a great deal of calmness and patience, Rahman is also very determined for his life’s goals to be achieved, at the same time. With this interesting combination of serene nature and determined personality, Rahman differentiates himself amongst all other music directors in world. 

  • 'Simplicity, is the real ornament’

"Rather than making money I believe in making people happy. All other things are secondary. Money isn't important, creative satisfaction is."

One may give credits to his upbringing or to Rahman himself, for the simplicity he embrace in himself, he is incredible with his always being himself attitude. Even after innumerous national and international awards, Rahman has always been in his own style and aura of being simply simple.  

  • Paramount respect and regards for elders

"Be a good son to your parents; Be a good husband to your wife and be a good father/mother to your children, and that would make you a good friend to me."

Rahman has paramount regards for his parents and elders. His father Mr. RK Shekar heavenly abode leaving him at the age of nine years, since then Rahman was brought up by his mother Kareema Begum. He considers his mother as a prime reason what he is today, and so do we. 

  • Humbleness is in his soul

"Humble origins need not prevent us from aspiring for and achieving great success."

No matter at how many junctures he has reached as legend, but stardom has never influnced him in anyways. Rahman is highly known for his humbleness and coolness in industry as well as all over the world. 

  • Being spiritual is one of his strongest beliefs

 "I try to do my best but, finally, everything is in God's hands."

It isn't about following Islam supremely, or about reading five times prayer in a day, it's about his belief in God that he has to the core of it. That's what indeed differentiates Rahman in being religious and spiritual.