Startups Should Work On the Technical Side First & Then Solve the Problem

Unless you have tweaked the idea, tested it out, done a bit of prototyping and marketing don't over project the financials.

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Right from the beginning, Digital India and Make in India have been two big programmes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. India, under his leadership, has unleashed a bold vision of digital transformation that empowers every citizen with the benefit of technology. This focus fosters digital literacy, brings transparency across industries including agriculture, creates infrastructure including healthcare, building smart cities and electrifying villages and fosters entrepreneurship and skill development.

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Supporting the Innovate for Digital India Challenge  2.0, Gaurav Dwivedi, IAS, CEO, MyGov, in a webcast shared various initiatives by the government to build Digital India.

The Innovate for Digital India Challenge seeks to combine Government of India’s bold vision of Digital India and the immense entrepreneurship talent in India. 

Sharing his take on why there was a need of setting up MyGov platform in India, he said " One of the major challenges for the citizen has been to find out and engage with the appropriate person in the agency. There are a number of people who set up different accounts in the name of other organizations. For somebody who is outside the government system, it’s not easy to find out which particular ministry would be dealing with a certain subject." 

He further recalls that it was the Prime Minister initiative to set a single platform which provides people with the opportunity to come to this platform, where all ministries would be present and the people would know that whatever information they are getting is authoritative and correct.

Right after the Prime Minister’s instructions were received in May 2014, in July they created MyGov platform. MyGov is the most noticeable part of digital India because of its very presence on the social platform.

Advice To Startups On Achieving Scale : 

Achieving scale in startups is a tricky process. Dwivedi believes when scaling your startup, one should follow 3 strategies.

  • Me-too Approach Is The Best Answer : It’s always extremely easy to see that something has worked elsewhere. Therefore we should have me too kind of approach.
  • Don’t Over-Project The Financials: Typically what we see is that there is a bright idea but when you start working on the funding aspect, then it’s very easy to over project the demand and acceptability of that idea. So unless you have tweaked the idea, tested it out, done a bit of prototyping and marketing don’t over project the financials.
  • Solve The Technical Problem First: The third thing would be not to really start working on the business plan unless you have solved the technical problem.Work on the technical side first and solve the problem in a demonstrable manner.