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Getting Vocal

Your main connection with clients and business associates is the phone. Are you aware of what your voice says about you?

This story appears in the June 2000 issue of

Editor's Note: As a homebased business owner, there may be no one asset more important to you than your voice. You deal with clients, suppliers and business associates on the phone-some of whom may never meet you in person. Your voice is your lifeline to the outside business world. But when was the last time you really assessed your vocal abilities?

We're not talking about operatic range or even being able to carry a tune. But if people perceive your voice as squeaky, childish, mumbling or monotonous, you may be losing business. To help you assess your vocal strengths and weaknesses, we're running the following excerpt from Jeffrey Jacobi's recent book, How to Say It With Your Voice (Prentice Hall Press, $17). Read on to learn why your voice is so important, and then take the vocal assessment to find out if you need to improve upon your greatest asset. Once you discover your areas of weakness, you can follow Jacobi's tips to improve your voice.

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