#4 Virtual Assistant Apps for the Entrepreneur On-The-Go

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Personal assistants are wonderful as they keep your life super organized. It’s quite thrilling how personal assistant apps are emerging, where these tools turn into practical stuff that can be used by any normal person. However, these apps weren’t a big deal until iOS virtual assistant Siri came on October 2011.


There are dozens of personal assistant apps like Siri in the Play Store which provide 24x7 human assistance. We have curated four personal assistant apps and listed them here so that you can unload your to-do list and save time.

A Virtual Assistant That Makes Sure Your Work Is Easy And Swift

With Alice, Android users get a helpful assistant at hand, which understands more than just commands. You can have a conversation with Alice, give her instructions or ask for general terms of information. Currently Alice assists with following functions:  Call, SMS, Email, Translation, Navigation, Alarm, Timer, App Launcher, Calculator, Facebook, Websearch, Weather, Search images.. and many many more.

Read Text Message Hands-Free:

Dragon mobile app offers context-aware speech-driven search that hears what you say and delivers the result you want. With this virtual assistant one can send and receive text messages, post Facebook and Twitter updates, emails and set reminders.Create your own voiceprint so your assistant will be attentive to only your commands and no one else and choose a voice and create a name for your assistant.

Indian Messaging App For Customer Service :

Founded in 2013, Haptik is a 24x7 mobile personal assistant service that solves user issues through messaging. The combination of machines + humans helps you get things done in real time. With Haptik you can simply outsource your everyday tasks to an assistant without having to do them yourself. The Indian app is a one stop shop for all your needs, and eliminates the need for having multiple apps for every little task.

A Voice-Powered Virtual Assistant: 

Vlingo a voice-powered virtual assistant conducts task faster and easier. It allows to dial contacts, dial and search businesses, send text messages, send emails, search the web, open Android apps, perform local searches, and tweet by voice on Twitter. The unique part of this app is that its hands-free, although you do need to tap your iPhone's screen to start and stop your voice input .