How to Deal With a High-end Client in Your Early 20's

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“Chase Excellence and success will come looking for you”- truly defines the way Startups functions.


You will always face different obstacles when approaching a client but always go with a game plan and role-play your pitch in your head before. There are numerous ways to 'land a client' but certain key points should always be kept in mind!

Prepping for a client meeting:

As a start-up that primarily deals with tech, it’s beneficial to take breaks during the day. If monitored, these breaks can increase productivity in the office.

Going into a client meeting with a clear and focused mind goes a long way. It makes us capable to gauge their mindset, which enables us to perceive things from their point-of-view.

Always remember to remain calm. Being nervous has a negative impact on your body language and this gives a bad impression. Stay positive and do not focus on the outcome of the meeting, pay attention only to delivering your pitch.

If you are nervous, a cup of coffee always helps!

Never Say No Policy:

As a startup, One should have a policy of never saying “no” to its clients. People have requested some very short deadlines with seemingly impossible logistics, but we knew all too well that in each case the client had a need that absolutely had to be addressed. Where there is a will there’s a way”.

Some clients will ask for too much, and at some point you have to cut them off, but do it without saying "NO". In addition, point out all that you have given and all that you have done to attempt to solve their problem.

The Client Meeting:

Landing a “BIG” client as a startup is a herculean task.

Most people will judge you within the first seconds of meeting you and their opinion will most likely never change. Making a good first impression is incredibly important, because you only get one shot at it.

One should always:

Dress the part.

Be prepared with your content for the meeting.

The most important thing to do for giving a good impression is to set your intention.

When you are meeting a client for the first time, approach them with a genuine interest for who they are. This is often contagious and you will have better conversations and lasting connections, which paves the way for a long-term relationship with them.

The Pitch:

Making pitches as a startup aren’t easy!

There have been many times that we have pitched to a prospective client who was completely uninterested in what we had to say.

We’ve all been there, and it isn’t fun. You live and learn.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re pitching your product to a brick wall. For some reason, your prospective clients just aren’t responsive to what you have to offer.

This is a situation many entrepreneurs face.

The thing is, people don’t want to sit and listen to a sales pitch from someone they hardly know. They want to do business with someone who truly desires to help them solve a problem.

When you show that you are genuinely interested in their situation, your prospect will lower their guard and let you in. It’s much easier than trying to batter your way into their good graces with pushy sales pitches.

A comfortable client is one that brings his business to you time and time again; so creating a healthy comfort level is an important part of the client interaction process.

Even after these precautions, you might find yourself in difficult situations and if you’re past work is not enough to convert the client then smartly try offering more at the same cost. You will be surprised how often this works!