#3 Key Ingredients to Build a Healthy Workplace Ambience in India

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The cleanliness of any economy, businesses or streets are a priority for accelerating growth & global investment in a country. Every citizen, business promoter & bureaucrat  of a nation must take a vow and commit to making their country clean from inside out. The benefits of cleanliness in all its senses though not apparent, are abundant and the lack of it can lead to catastrophic drawbacks. 


Improving business environment in all ways and promoting integrity in business transactions will help us build stronger & cleaner nation.

A Fair Global Environment 

We should create an atmosphere where development is propelled by enabling businesses  to work in fair environment. Tax rates in most of the advanced economies have dipped. Now when competition is no more domestic, but global, lower tax rates will enable business to offer competitive services with increased compliance. The voluntary tax compliance by citizens should be encouraged by a friendly administration. Regulations & legislation must be more conducive to global free trade and not work as a hindrance or constraint. 

The unofficial fees at all stages hit hard in building a fair environment. Estimates show the cost of unethical practices as more than 5% of global GDP. If these unethical practices were to be an organised industry then it would be the 3rd largest economy in the World. These funds could have been put to better use in projects of infrastructure, healthcare & Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.   

Economic survey of India 2016 found India to be having more than 19,000 startups and most of these startup founders are First time business owners from different educational backgrounds. There is a large information gap which is acting as another major challenge. Most prevalent defence which comes up whenever a non compliance is found in any company is ignorance of rules and regulations. We need to have informative programs for better understanding of statutory regulations. Clear & comprehensive information about all requirements must be communicated. Easy and friendly operations of all the departments and single window concept will encourage maximum compliance. 

A Clean Business 

They say its not hard to make decisions once you know what your values and principles are. Making sure you have a clean business practice within company operations is critical and important. If you take care of your employees well they will make sure your customers are happy. Being transparent and being aware about company’s employee policies will build unshakable trust and works as the best employee retention policy. 

There is a wrong impression that if we can avoid paying government revenues it is commercial smartness. As business owners, we put everything we have in building a trustworthy brand. Doing a clean business and keeping your books of accounts correct will add value to your brand and business.

Recruitment should be fair and transparent and movement up the ladder should be purely based on performance and merit. People perform better when the work environment is happy and healthy with no place for politics or favours. 

Regular training, conferences & workshops on building clean businesses can showcase the hidden value of the same. The benefits of being clean far exceed the benefits of a shortcut. A Clean Business Accreditation or a Preferred Supplier Network will help weed out unethical practices from the system. Many businesses can also see value in advertising their commitment to being clean.

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! The importance given to cleanliness and hygiene across the planet cuts across religion, caste, creed & gender. Everyone wants their surroundings to be clean. Then why is that it isn’t? Is it ignorance or is it something else? Who bears the responsibility of keeping a country clean? Are we as citizens responsible and do we ensure that we do not litter or do we expect the municipality to pick up after us? 

Every citizen must introspect on how his/her personal habits are affecting their surroundings. Citizens & Governments must collectively partner to ensure that a mission as noble as Swachh Bharat is a grand success. Many may not understand that the lack of cleanliness and hygiene turn away many businesses from investing in India. At the same time many others have seen this as an opportunity to invest heavily in the cleaning of India. Advanced mechanised cleaning, high speed laundromats & even service providers have all steam rolled into the Indian market. Environment friendly Cleaning consumables & solutions are growing at a rate far exceeding anyone’s expectations. Entrepreneurs should look at this market and develop technologically advanced hardware & software to support and increase the efficiency the cleaning. 

After all, One small step today by each individual would lead to a giant leap in the future and together we can make it happen! A Clean, happy and healthy environment in and around us !