Apps are Dominating the World Including the Education Sector

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“Today technology defines how we live our lives including how our kids get exposed to learning & education” 


We need to just pick up our smartphone, open an app and fulfill our functional and aspiration based needs.From detergent soaps to air conditioners, taxis to flight tickets, music to food, online learning to now finding the most suited tutor for your child, almost everything can be accomplished through the modern day apps. Infact, world over EdTech startups through their unique apps have completely altered the learning landscape. Students now have the option of learning through video & game based, online classroom & test based apps whilst utilizing the services of an efficient home tutor also booked through one of such apps. The smart phone penetration across the country has been burgeoning at a significant rate resulting in increased adoption of such learning based applications.

My personal experience of finding a genuine home tutor for my 4 year old led to the development of WONK. During my captive research, I realized that the process of identifying a tutor is completely adhoc and unscientific, based primarily on referrals & hearsay. I wondered how millions of parents across the country, possibly across the world, can allow a stranger whose past teaching credentials, academic background, fees& personal behaviors are completely unknown. Just the mere thought, scared the wits out of me!

I firmly believe that personalized learning is the “demand of the hour” and apps work very well in accomplishing this inherent need. Building a solid foundation, develop deep understanding of concepts & theories and round the clock expert advice are some of the key USPs offered by such apps. Still, I feel that given all the noise around EdTech in the last few years, we have been able to barely scratch the surface. As per a recent report of EdTechXGlobal, the total size of EdTech market globally is estimated to touch $250 bn+ by 2020 and barely 2% the $ 5 tn market is currently digitized. Clearly, the opportunity is phenomenal to make a really big impact on our generation.

Reasons for growth of EdTech Apps

  • Increased penetration of smartphones;
  • Demand for personalized content;
  • Use of interactive games & videos;
  • Predictive solution provider;
  • Access to world class content & material;       

These apps also serve some of the other critical aspects of a student’s life including continuous progress monitoring, peer review, setting up an open communication channel with academic institutions and gaining access to world class learning materials & courses. Social Learning Apps which facilitate and encourage flow of ideas and knowledge across the geopolitical boundaries are gaining increased traction. It is a matter of time before the next big start-up idea crops out of one such discussion on these apps.

It is no longer a far-fetched dream to virtually attend a lecture of your favorite foreign teacher or earn a certificate from the top universities in the world. Education apps have made all this a distinct reality! Going forward, I expect artificial intelligence through bots to further enhance the learning & teaching experience. Apps that provide smart learning assistants to students would be omnipresent. Such virtual assistants would utilize knowledge available on the web in conjunction with information stored internally to provide best solutions. All books will get digitized and lectures will be taken and attended virtually.

I further predict that apps will be developed to provide vocational education & training to the students. Online learning encapsulated with a few physical lessons should serve the very important purpose of getting a youngster ‘employment- ready’. Even corporate trainings will be delivered through the apps irrespective of the geographical location of the trainee. The speed with which technology is evolving the utility of such apps in retraining the workforce on a regular basis will be immense.Further, interviews with prospective employees would be conducted through such apps. All-in-all I expect apps to play a pertinent role in the lives of our young generation, right from education to training and employment.