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Tesla Removes 'Motors' From Its Name

Elon Musk is building an energy company, cars are just a small part of that now.

This story originally appeared on PCMag

As soon as was brought into existence, everyone, including the media, automatically shortened the name to Tesla for convenience. However, now it's officially becoming the company name going forward as CEO decided to ditch "Motors" and opted for "Tesla Inc." instead.

Jonathan Weiss |

According to Reuters, the name change/shortening highlights Musk's focus for Tesla. It's not just about , it's about . Tesla is a company focused on providing energy products, one part of which happens to be electric cars.

Alongside that, the company is investing heavily in a growing battery production business at the Gigafactory 1. That facility in will also produce electric motors and gearboxes. And we can't forget Gigafactory 2 proposed for construction in at some point in the near future.

As well as putting batteries in cars, Tesla offers the Powerwall and Powerpack battery packs for home and industrial use. Then we have , which Tesla acquired last year and is producing Tesla Glass roof tiles for. Unlike , these roof tiles make it hard to tell is being collected.

In the future, there's sure to be some crossover with Musk's other business interests. In particular SpaceX and potentially Hyperloop if it gains momentum as a network.

The new, shorter Tesla Inc. name became effective on Feb. 1. However, a visit to Tesla's website still puts vehicles front and center, and it seems likely that will be the case for some time to come.

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