This 18-year Old Tennis Player Who is India's Shining Star Has Top #3 Tips

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Sports players achieve a lot of fame, but professional sports is no cakewalk. It takes determination, hard work and persistence to keep up with the game & achieve heights. 


Entrepreneur India spoke to India's rising tennis sensation Karman Kaur Thandi at the ASICS event about the qualities of millennials that can help them improve their business. The 18-year-old tennis star had already made it big by winning the U-16 WTA Futures Star in Singapore in 2014 with her strong performance.She played for all the four major junior grand slams in 2016; US Open, French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon. 

Life Mantra

"I believe everyone has qualities and their own talent. What needs to be there is discipline and a lot of hardwork. We should put in hard work then only we will start getting results. And the results will give us confidence. Through the confidence, we will achieve what we want to achieve in life. So if you are disciplined and determined for what you have to do then the road is clear. It just gives the way where you have to go and you just have to keep going and not give up," she said.

Sports Vs Business

Business and sports share significant differences. And that’s exactly what Karman had in mind when she was asked why aren’t companies encouraged like sports teams?

Karman explained "Sports involve what you want to do, even business. But in sports you put the passion discipline, waking up early in the morning, doing fitness activities, eating healthy diets.You put a lot in to be at that level and just keep going through of what you have to do because if you are not fit and disciplined through the doors then it’s a little bit tougher for anyone to achieve what they want." 

Fitness First

Life as an entrepreneur is tough and for them taking out time to stay fit is difficult. 

Karman shared fitness mantra for busy entrepreneurs,"Get time out of your busy routines, that’s the tough part. Just get out and eat healthy whenever you are having your meals."

Karman was introduced to the game of tennis at the age of 8 by her parents.

"My mum and dad had put me in tennis when I was 8 year old. Since then I started playing tennis. Gradually results started coming in and I was building up confidence in this sport," she said adding that it feels great how people are getting to know more about tennis.