Cook Smart: Bosch Series 8 Cooking Range

“We believe the perfect built-in appliance should be designed for one thing above all else: to make your time in the kitchen as pleasant as possible.” This guiding principle of German multinational Bosch shines through in its new Series 8 cooking range.

Comprising of ovens, steamers, built-in coffee machines, and warming drawers, the appliances are engineered to impress, with the designs for all the products being consistent across the entire range. The intuitive control wheel and the TFT-touch display add to the ease of cooking- no matter how complicated the dish, a small turn of the wheel is all you need to adjust settings.

Besides the aesthetics, the Series 8 ovens also boast of the PerfectBake and PerfectRoast smart sensors that automatically regulate temperature and length of time while cooking- a boon for novice cooks, easing the process of monitoring the dish.

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