Chandigarh Stage Proved Superb For Start-ups

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Providing a profound understanding of various businesses, the start-up session at the recently held Startup Summit, organized by Entrepreneur Media in association with Franchise India, at Chandigarh, proved to be an apt platform for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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All start-ups begin with a dream to grow but breakthrough and breakdown are a common phenomenon in every business. But, how to work on the conceived idea and get it validated further? How to cope up with these situations? To find the answers of these and to unlock new sources of business growth, The Mega Session at the ‘Hot start ups 101’ in the “Start up Summit’ was organized by Entrepreneur team in Chandigarh. Start-up founders and entrepreneurs travelled from across the nation to learn the tricks of the trade and finer nuances of entrepreneurship at this session as a set of mentors and leading angel investors guided them.

The panel of experts were Jitin Talwar, Advocate and Patent Agent (India), Founder of TT Consultants, Angel Investors, Vineet Khurana, Angel Investor, Chandigarh Angel Network, C.J. Singh, Vice President, SACC India, Sunil Shekhawat, Startup Community Manager-NCR, NASSCOM 10,000 Startups. These start-ups rocked the boat with new ideas, new products, new business models and got appreciated and strong recommendation from investors. The few start-ups which made noises are Watchout App, Kingsideas & Imaginations and Morning Fresh, with latter winning the contest.

1) Watchout App:

For Nitin Gupta, Founder, Watchout app, an engineer-turned entrepreneur, it was his passion to create a solution for black spots (accident prone areas). This start-up has introduced the app whose target audiences are the daily commuters, cab drivers, navigation companies and insurance companies. Through this app a voice prompt will come within 500m radius of the accident prone area alerting the driver of it.

2) Building At Its Best:

The world of architecture services in India is unorganized and troublesome. Moreover, within its ambit, also comes the hassle of sourcing materials. Looking at these problems, an innovative platform called Kingsideas & Imaginations was launched which offers online and reasonable architectural services. Parthib Deb from Tripura launched this start-up in 2014.

3) Mountain Fresh:

It’s not that easy being green. You want to do everything right for yourself, your family, and the planet, but often it seems like for every green choice you make you will have to pull more greenbacks out of your wallet. With a belief that even hazard free food and vegetables can be obtained at a very nominal price, Dr Neeraj Sharma and Navneet Dogra launched Mountain Fresh. Scientist Dr Neeraj believes it is not an innovation, but a need not yet addressed.

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