#3 Social Media Strategies Startups Must Adopt Right Away

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While starting out, startups not only need to focus on their product but alongside also need to get some of basic marketing strategies right. An important aspect of this process is social media strategy.


Speaking to Entrepreneur, Shekhar Sahu, who has co-founded HealthcareMagic along with Kunal & Nitesh, spoke about the three main social media strategies that startups should primarily focus upon.

Today, HealthcareMagic is the largest telemedicine company globally where more than 20,000 Doctors & Specialist answer health questions round the clock. In May 2014, HealthcareMagic was acquired by Ebix, Inc. for $18.5 million. Shekhar is an angel investor at LocalQueen, KijiFoods, IndoFash, ZoomRoad & 5 more start-ups.

Content is king

Since the time the internet has arrived, content has remained the king. If a startup wants to gain more followers or customers, you will have to always focus on your content. It should be in line with what you are selling, which is basically your product. Once you have built that audience, a 1000 followers on Facebook and Twitter is good.


The frequency is also important - for example if you have a product that is for the Indian audience, make sure you share your content according to Indian timings. If your product is for European countries, schedule your content according to their timings and social media allows you to do that.

Content should be simple, engaging and easy to understand, irrespective of what your product is.

Talk to your people

It's very important to talk to your audience. If they are messaging you on social media, make sure you respond to them on time. After sometime you will be able to build your profile based on the customers that are coming on board. After sometime you will be able to customize your Facebook or other social media settings based on the customers who are coming on board.

Out of the three things, your content takes 90 percent precedence over other aspects.

Shekhar was one of the key speakers at a panel discussion on 'Sales at Startups' conducted by Lucep at Bhive Workspace.