Need for Specialized Courses & Self Learning Will Grow Tremendously

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Hiring across the board has changed with times and it's essential for today's youth to make themselves employable according to the requisites of industries like SMEs , IT/ITES, startups and large corporate houses.

Youth4Work is a 'People Platform' which empowers youth to assess themselves, improve their talents and showcase themselves for their talents and professional achievements. Speaking to Entrepreneur, Rachit Jain, Founder and CEO, spoke about what he thinks are the emerging recruitment trends that one needs to keep tabs of.

#3 important qualities that recruiters look in candidates before onboarding.

The question now in front of the recruiters is not the qualities before onboarding, the thing that recruiters look for is the 'Skills' before even considering to onboard/talk. The efficiency of technology has its cons, specifically making too many people available for considering too easily. Thus, the recruiter nowdays is looking for spending good quality time and having a conversation with the right target group who have the skills that they want for the jobs and actively looking for a job change.

Thus, the 3 things that job seekers should keep in mind is

  • See and understand the recruiters perspective, How can you be different and stand out from the pool of job applicant
  • How can the recruiter know your talents and skills , especially in comparison with the options he has. The one with better skills is obviously getting noticed and getting more opportunities.
  • How can you improve the skills you have and take specialized learnings/courses/experiences.

#3 emerging job trends

I see degrees and general certificates losing their value and skill certificates and ranking gaining more important. For example, companies do not want a MCA in computer; they want to hire a PHP developer. The way the hiring happens of people applying to a job, then screened via reading resumes and then interviews will become outdated.

Companies want quick result, they want to select and contact the best guys directly rather than wait for applicants after posting jobs. Pull by companies ( Reaching out to talent directly ) will gain more importance than Push (job applicants pushing their resumes)

Need of specialized courses and learnings especially self learning will grow tremendously. Find your passion and interest and become an expert in it.

Rachit holds a B.Tech in Manufacturing from the National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology. He began his career in 2006 with Mahindra Automotive in Mumbai. Having an inquisitive nature, Rachit observed that young professionals were allocated responsibilities and portfolios that didn't match their innate strengths. Almost 80% of youth were dissatisfied because they were placed in unsuitable departments. In fact, he also realized that even employers were finding it difficult in hiring the candidates with right talents, which made him realize the need to launch Youth4Work.