5 Elements that will Shape The Viral Content Industry in India

Smartphones have certainly made it possible for everyone to reach out to the world and make their content viral.

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The term ‘Viral’ which was always used in context to suffering and diseases, has now become a household name around the world in terms of media as well. It is so popular, that even if you search it on the internet, the first definition will not be that of Viruses that cause these diseases, but of an image, video, or information which is circulated rapidly and widely among the internet users. This virality is mostly referred to as ‘Viral Content’.


There are many viral content websites out there which are already benefitting from this concept. They create, and distribute content (image, video, or article) which spreads like a wildfire! And a lot of credit for this goes to social media platforms. It’s not only viral content websites that are getting benefits, but famous brands have also found their own ways out of it to promote their products in a more receptive way to get spectacular reach among the audience.

Now, that viral content industry has become world famous and is facing new challenges/competitions every day, there comes a phase like all other industries when it’s continuously getting on the verge of a change. Undoubtedly, there are some elements which are going to play crucial role in bringing front this change.

As far as I have hacked the virality, I believe there are five major elements that shape the viral content.

1. Videos: Generations are evolving, people are getting busier in their life, and they hardly get any time to read long, slow and time consuming articles (like this one). On the contrary, videos are accessible anytime, anywhere.  They’re crisp, and strong. Maybe that’s why we’ve noticed in the last year that most of the social media platforms moved to videos. For instance, Instagram’s new ‘Live’ concept.

2. Emotions: Secondly, every single piece of viral content that you watch online would obviously get more shares if it has some kind of emotional connect. In that way, it becomes relatable, and triggers your emotion which forces you to share and spread that content ahead. Content is seasonal. For example, anything relating to patriotism that you’ll share on national day would definitely get more attention of the audience.

3. Make It Real: One of the most important elements which will shape the viral industry in near future is reality. Gone is the time, where you could put click bait/misguiding headlines and titles for your content to increase the number of views it gets. Online readers are getting more intellectual, and you can’t mislead them now.

4. Caring and Sharing: Users of your website & your content are the only ones who’re going to help you grow and sustain in the marketplace. If you’ll care for users and provide them appropriate content, they’ll share it and reach of that piece of information will improve. To achieve this, make your content more relatable.

5.  Latest Trends: Last, but not the least, one of the most important elements is trend. Always keep an eye for detail. Don’t be a follower, rather initiate and become a trendsetter. Understand that every news is not viral. E.g; recently, a Mumbai girl uploaded two pictures on her social media platform of a child. While she was coming back from work, she saw a woman putting a child in a bag. She followed her, caught her and found that child was kidnapped. Somehow that lady managed to escape, but that child was saved. In less than 12 hours, these two pictures received more than 375K shares.

Smartphones have certainly made it possible for everyone to reach out to the world and make their content viral. Viral content is indeed shaping the future and these elements are going to play a pivotal role in it.