Want to be a Startupreneur? #5 Pro Tips From Industry Players

In the current era of entrepreneurship in India, the new entrants in market are changing the lifelines of different industries with their exclusive business models.

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Once on asking to an expert, what is that one thing which is most important for a woman to begin her journey as an entrepreneur in India, the expert replied, “A woman should forget the fact that she is a woman”. 


With the changing times, the face of Indian women is also changing rapidly. From traditional businesses to technology to taking over the reins of family businesses, time and again Indian women have proved themselves in almost every sector. Despite some long-held stereotypes, a large number of women entrepreneurs are contributing to India’s growth potential by entering the workforce and entrepreneurship from all walks of life.

In the current era of entrepreneurship in India, the new entrants in market are changing the lifelines of different industries with their exclusive business models.

With International Women’s Day round the corner, these #5 women entrepreneurs who have successfully marked their beginnings on the growth trajectory of India’s economy share tips for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn and step up for entrepreneurship.

  • ‘Find a purpose in giving back for all that you receive’  

Entrepreneurship is all about ‘give n take’ relationship believes Purba Kalita, the Co-founder of Salebhai. Purba quotes, "Success is not only about achieving new milestones, but also about touching lives along the way. So whatever venture you set out to build, my advice would be to find a purpose in giving back for all that you receive."

  • ‘A Good Woman Leader should reach out to women who are less aware’

Those who are at the juncture to support deprived or the less empowered section of society should reach out to help them, believes Sakshi Vij, the founder & CEO of Mylescars.com. As she quotes, “I believe that it is now time for successful women from all spheres to reach out to the less privileged or less aware women around us to help them build a better future for themselves."

  • “Do not fear the rejections’

An entrepreneur should shrug out the fear about criticism and rejections, believes Sangeeta Banerjee, the co-founder & CEO, Apartment ADDA. As she quotes, "Be fearless! Be fearless about criticism, about rejection, about breaking relationships, about bad reputation. You are venturing out because you have found a purpose that is above all this.

  • ‘A thick skin and strong support system is what one needs to have’

A woman entrepreneur should give an equal status to her career with other obligations of life, believes Neha Bagaria, the founder & CEO, JobsForHer. The founder of India’s woman-based job portal says, "For a woman entrepreneur to succeed in the competitive business landscape, it is imperative that we become comfortable giving equal weightage to our careers as we do to our other obligations, roles and responsibilities. And for that we need to build a thick skin and a strong support system.

Because until we don’t, we won’t be able to create the ecosystem required to support this challenging journey to the top of the corporate ladder. 

  • ‘Never consider yourself a weaker gender’

Stop considering yourself weak, and you would find yourself with all the opportunities around you, believes Swati Dayal, the co-founder and Executive Director, Sagoon.com.  As this woman entrepreneur quotes, “Women who seek equality with men lack ambition. It’s time to make our own identity and discover the new heights of success. The opportunities are same for all of us; all we have to do is stop seeing us the weaker gender and utilize all we have to turn those opportunities into success.