I Took Food as My Profession, says Food Prodigy Shipra Khanna

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How many of you at nine years of age were able to work on your passion albeit the realization of that must have come later. Food prodigy, Shipra Khanna started cooking at nine. “I learnt it from my grandmother and mother,” asserts Khanna, now 34 and a mother of two.

This is despite suffering an abusive marriage that eventually broke up. Khanna, quite literally got a new lease of life with her claim to fame by winning the second season of the competitive cooking reality show, MasterChef India, in 2012. In fact, that was the moment when Khanna actually decided to become chef Shipra Khanna. “After MasterChef, I took food as my profession. If not a chef, I would have moved towards teaching,” she claims.

Khanna has since then been engaged in couple of things. She has been the culinary connoisseur for "Tourism Australia", consulted restaurants, has done multiple cooking shows like Kitchen Stars ka Safar, Pure Sin, apart from some international shows, a YouTube channel called Shipra’s Kitchen that has almost 500 videos, the face of Tata Sky’s Active Cooking and certainly travelling and working with different chefs across the world.

Khanna though has plans of launching restaurant but currently she is working on multiple books. “I have planned for launching restaurants but right now I am busy travelling and writing seven books at the same time,” adds Khanna. 

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