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Immovable Feats

Can you finance your business without getting out of your chair? Not entirely, webheads. At some point, you'll have to use them legs.

This story appears in the July 2000 issue of Business Start-Ups magazine.

You work 50 hours a week in a job you hate, your friends and family put major demands on your time, and you still have to squeeze in time for the gym. But you've got this great idea for a . If only you had time to write a , put together a proposal package and meet with investors, you could lose the boring job and live up to your true potential. Sound like your life? Relax. The is here, and it can help you move toward your goals.

The Net is quickly becoming a vast source of capital for the less-traditional entrepreneur who doesn't have the time or connections to find money the old-fashioned way. "The biggest benefit to using the Net for start-up capital is the access of information," says Dawn Anderson, 35, founder and owner of business financing Web site There are plenty of people who have potentially great ideas but don't know how to put together a plan. But with the Net, it's easy to get started--you'll have access to experts, free downloadable forms, even opportunities to chat with people who may know the perfect investor for you. In an afternoon, you can post your proposal on Web sites where VCs, banks and angels are all seeking investments. That's not a misprint; investors will come to you.

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