Digital Nomadic Entrepreneurship: 4 Ways to Work and Play Around the World

The whole world opens up to you when you can go to work without going to the office.

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Digital Nomadic Entrepreneurship: 4 Ways to Work and Play Around the World
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You’ve quit your boring job, deleted your boss from your digital life and decided to become a digital nomadic entrepreneur. You know you can do it. You have an intense passion for your newly found business idea. You have a strong commitment to make it a success. But you are afraid. You’ve read all the stories about successful digital nomads making millions as they wine and dine around beautiful cities. Yet you’re still not sure how to have fun as you work and cruise around the world.

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The hard truth is, it’s not easy. Those success stories you read are a product of years of failures, ambition and hard work. If you work hard and smart, you too can build your million-dollar company as you travel all over the world. Here’s how:

1. Settle into a comfortable hotel room.

Your work as a nomadic entrepreneur is flexible. So it doesn’t matter where you do it. You can sit in a rental office in the boroughs of New York City and still produce great work. You can sit in one of the popular meeting places in the metropolis of London and still produce great work. You can sit in a tent in the sunny city of Johannesburg and still produce great work.

What matters is that you find a comfortable place to relax and recharge after a rough day. Your room doesn’t have to be 720 square feet and furnished with a sunken living room to be comfortable. It just has to be equipped with a great bed and standard Wi-Fi.

To maximize your comfort, look for a room that’s located:

  • At the back of the hotel
  • Away from the elevator
  • Away from the pool

You need a quieter environment that will allow you to work peacefully during the day and sleep deeply at night.

2. Take advantage of your solitary life.

Nomadic entrepreneurs usually travel alone. When you start the digital nomadic lifestyle, don’t stay idle when you’re not working. Turn your quiet situation into a great work opportunity.

Here are some of the activities you can do to maximize your productivity when you are alone:

  • Read. You need continuous education to stay atop your industry. And reading is the easiest way to learn quickly and efficiently. Read a book, a blog post or a new report -- anything that’ll keep you current and position you ahead of your competitors.
  • Reflect. Don’t watch a dancing cat on YouTube. Even when you don’t feel like reading, reflect on your vision, mission and business strategies.
  • Review your business goals. They’re the path to your business success, so you need to review your goals from time to time. See where you’re winning and where you’re losing, and devise a faster approach to accomplishing your business goals.

This set of activities will help grow your business tenfold. Just be sure to do your most important tasks in the morning before the city starts buzzing. Let’s talk about how.

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3. Work in the morning. Go sightseeing in the evening.

You may need to change your work schedule, even if you’re a night owl, for several reasons.

First, a study by Harvard Business Review found that “people whose performance peaks in the morning are better positioned for career success, because they’re more proactive than people who are at their best in the evening.”

Next, morning time is “you” time. You can finish your work before the sun comes up, cars start honking and the city starts banging at your ears, disrupting your focus.

And finally, almost all successful entrepreneurs are morning people. Richard Branson wakes at 5:45. Tim Cook rises at 3:45, and Howard Schultz gets up at 4:30. Learn from them. Let your alarm wake you up at 5 or 6 each morning. After 15-20 minutes of exercise, roll up your sleeves, and put your nose to the grindstone. Later in the evening, after you’ve accomplished your tasks, you can go sightseeing.

Stroll down the street to watch the city’s beauty. Visit famous attractions, and learn about the local culture. Or just hang out in a mall or at a café, coffee in hand, watching the busy city into the late hours of the night.

4. Get inspired to reinvent the world.

Even though my mom wanted me close to her, my uncle insisted that I go to a high school outside of my home state. He talked to my mom about the benefits of traveling. “It’s another form of learning,” he said. “He’ll get a lot of experience. He’ll be exposed to new adventures.” I did, and I was.

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In high school, I mingled with people from different cultural backgrounds, and that made me want to travel even more. My entrepreneurial spirit caught fire after meeting a Canadian freelance web designer named Steve at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Steve had just gotten and was proud of his career. “Seven days ago, I was honeymooning at a beautiful villa in Bali, and still worked with my laptop,” he bragged. “Today I’m in the ancient city of Cairo!”

What a fun, flexible life! Like Steve, you too can adopt the digital nomadic lifestyle. Just get a quiet tent. Do the real work. Communicate with your inner self. And turn your adventures into new products as you cruise around the world. That’s how to work and have fun while you explore the world.

So don’t be afraid. Go and follow your dreams. 

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