Indian Companies Ahead of Global Counterparts in Using Recruitment Technologies

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Attracting top talent is a prime concern for competitive organizations. The talent acquisition process deals with making sure that a company gets the right candidates for its vacant positions. The different needs of companies especially to acquire top talent makes way for the talent acquisition practice.


With changing trends in technology, companies are demanding the best talent that can become a key growth driver. Young millennials have changed the face of talent acquisition practice by adding a new diversity to their social media profiles with new technology tools. In last 5 years, many companies must have used different ways of bringing talent into an organization. Indian companies are welcoming the use of technological and social media innovation to attract quality talent.

According to a new report by global advisory firm Korn Ferry on talent acquisition and the missed opportunity, 19% of India talent acquisition teams are working without a strategic plan, while fewer than one in five have a plan that stretches out to five years. Strategic planning involves forming the workforce according to different areas of the organization. Lack of planning can result in bringing down their strategic goals.

In an effort to understand the challenges talent acquisition leaders face as well as the trends that are defining their work, a 34 question survey was developed and collected in late 2016.

Companies Struggling to Embrace Technology in Talent Acquisition:

Every year new talent acquisition trends are constantly evolving. So, it’s very important for the younger generation to keep themselves updated with new tools. The survey stated that only half of India talent acquisition teams are taking advantage of recruitment technologies that could give them an edge in their fight for talent. The usage of Applicant tracking systems (53%), Video interviewing (53%), Online assessment (51%) in India is slightly higher than the other countries. India is definitely ahead in Applicant tracking systems, which is used by employers to simplify talent pool acquisition. Despite this, the survey found out that the talent acquisition teams aren't making the most of technology, tools or partners.

Better Alignment Required Between Talent Acquisition Leaders and Organization :

The survey reported that 50 per cent of talent acquisition teams are either unaligned or only partially coordinated with their organization’s objectives. This lack of unity is not going unnoticed by talent acquisition leaders. When asked how they would help their teams if they could spend more time with them, more than half of India TA leaders said that they would focus on improving their role as a partner to the business.