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The Hub Spot: LG Launches Personal Robots

LG Hub Robot.Image credit: LG.

LG’s eye-catching Hub Robot takes the concept of the smart home to the next level. By connecting to other smart appliances in the home, the Hub Robot uses Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition technology to complete household tasks such as turning on the air conditioner or changing a dryer cycle with simple verbal commands.

The Hub Robot features an interactive display that can show you everything from images of contents inside of the refrigerator to recipes with step-by-step audio instructions. Additionally, the Hub Robot offers conveniences such as the ability to play music, set alarms, create reminders and provide weather and traffic updates.

LG Hub Robot.Image credit: LG.
It’s not just for tedious functions though, LG’s Hub Robot can interact with the entire family in a variety of different ways. It can move and swivel in place, as well as express emotions by showing a facial expression on its display. It can also respond to you using body language, such as nodding its head when answering simple questions, and is always aware of activities inside the home, such as when family members leave, come home and go to bed. And because the Hub Robot is able to distinguish different family members’ faces with its camera, it can be programmed with a different greeting for each family member. Hub Robot makes home and family management a breeze.

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