#5 Lifehacks To Success From Anushka Sharma

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Anushka doesn’t need to wear a power suit to exude power. As a young entrepreneur, she is just comfortable in her own skin, meeting producers, actors, script-writers in sneakers and denims. Unapologetic, confident and comfortable - that’s what Anushka Sharma stands for.

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When Entrepreneur met her for the cover shoot, unlike other celebs, Anushka came wearing her usual denims, utterly cool about just being herself. So, when team Entrepreneur discussed on the styling for her, it was neither a pin-up actress nor the power-struck corporate attire, we decided for funky yet confident self of Anushka Sharma, the person with the brains of a producer and looks and finesse of an actor. 

Anushka shared five lifehacks to success with Entrepreneur India:

IMPORTANCE OF PARTNERSHIP: For any creative person, ideas can be many but executing them with the right team is necessary, that’s where Anushka struck gold. She found a perfect business partner in her brother.

TAKE RISKS EARLY ON: Anushka Sharma turned a producer at the age of 25. She knew if she has to take a risk it has to be now. She cannot wait for any other better time.

BEING AN OUTSIDER HELPS: Not coming from the industry helps you as you don’t come with a fixed notion. Don’t carry any baggage.

TAKE A CREATIVE BET: Have the courage to follow your instincts and back them.

BUILD A GREAT TEAM: Just like any start-up a great company is built on its people and Anushka vouches on her team. There is a team who executes the entire plan for her.

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