'Working Together Gives You the Opportunity to Complement Each Other'

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Founded by one of India’s leading filmmakers Subhash Ghai, Whistling Woods International (WWI) is a Film, Television, Animation, Communication, Fashion, Music and Media Arts institute located in Mumbai, India. The institute is spearheaded by the creative duo Rahul Puri and Meghna Ghai Puri.

Whistling Woods

As the institute completes 10 years of honing youngsters, the couple spoke about how they mutually complement each other as a couple.

She understands what she wants the institute to be

According to Meghna, Rahul is a typical Virgo. “He is an organized person and very straight. He's a quick decision maker and he knows what he wants, so for me it’s great, because if I am not able to decide or I need some help with decision-making, I just go up to him,” she adds. On the other side, Rahul believes that Meghna’s greatest strength is that, she understands him perfectly. “She understands what she wants the institute to be. I think she has known it from day one and it’s very rare to find somebody who has that sort of foresight and
vision. I mean a lot of credit goes to her father for setting up the institute, but I think it is Meghna who set the vision for the institute in terms of what kind of culture is to br created here for then students, staff, and faculty,” he
said. The couple believes that working together gives you the opportunity to complement each other and work in sync through the good, bad and ugly days.

“I think, I tend to look Meghna for advice in terms of whether I have taken a right decision or the wrong decision. But, it’s always nice to have a conscious to go and I think Meghna ismy conscious. I always go to her almost looking for validation. You know it quietly guides you in the right direction and I think it’s a huge part of what makes it witty,” Rahul explains.

Rahul tends to be quiet and a little reserved

Meghna feels that their personalities complement each other because, Rahul tends to be
quiet and a little reserved while she is more of a people’s person. “For all the people management here, at Whistling Woods I am here, for people to cry on my shoulder. So yes, we both complement each other and end up helping each other,” she adds.