Leave the Mundane Reality Behind and Connect to a Whole New World

PlayStation VR is for you if you own any of the PS4 versions currently available in the market

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Crouch, aim, shoot, fall, fly and skate, kick a bear, scald a demon and demolish a castle made of bones, almost literally. Yeah, that’s how it feels like with a Sony VR when it is connected to your latest PS4/Pro when you look around, and sense this ‘presence’ of an alarmingly real virtual reality. This headset immerses you into the centre of extraordinary new worlds of thrilling gaming experience to enable your mind into believing all as really real.

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PlayStation VR is for you if you own any of the PS4 versions currently available in the market. Just connect the VR headset to your PS4, and leave the mundane reality behind.


Screen: PS VR sports a 5.7 inch 1820x1080 fullcolor RGB OLED screen with an incredible speed of 120 frames per second to deliver 360 degrees seamless visuals. PS VR is unlike any other VR because through a feature called ‘reprojection’, the screen takes the last output image at 60Hz (frame per second) and creates a new image at 120Hz based on the latest head movements made by the user, offering dynamically detailed viewing experience even for games running at 60 Hz.

Sound: The kit offers bud earphones with cutting edge 3D audio capable of letting you accurately perceive the direction and distance of sounds that are coming from above, below and all around you. There is also a built in microphone to let you chat with your friends online while you share your achievements and game tactics.

Sensors: The dual-lense PS camera is a part of the bundle and works with 3D depth sensors to track the position of the headset to ensure pinpoint accuracy within the game world.

Peripherals: There is a small processor unit that comes with PS VR to connect the headset with your PS4 and TV through HDMI cables.

Usability: The dimensions of the headset are 7.4 x 7.3 x 10.9 inches and it approximately weighs 610g excluding the cable. The lightweight design helps users enjoy the virtual reality for long hours without getting tired.

Advantage: VR as a space is still largely under the stage of exploration and innovation with different products using various alliterations and permutations of technology.

The HTC Vive for example uses sensors that can be mounted on the walls to track the headset and make the experience more interactive within an external space of an enclosure. While HTC and even Oculus Rift needs a high end computer to work, Sony has the advantage of PS4 platform which makes it a much affordable buy.

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