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Why A Credible Entrepreneur Scores Over An Enforced Influencer

Why A Credible Entrepreneur Scores Over An Enforced Influencer
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Influencer marketing is the grand, new solution available to people today. It is interesting to see how leaders worldwide are engaging influential individuals to advocate messages and to receive favourable feedbacks. It is equally intriguing to see that people actually trust the opinions of others more than their own, regarding information on products and services.

Fragmentation Of Trust

Today, almost every business is relying on influencers to add credibility to their brands. In a bid to scale their business ventures in the market and stay ahead in the competition, entrepreneurs are sadly taking undue advantage of their audience. Unfit utilization of the vast array of medium available at their disposal. They are forcing their way into becoming influencers, rather than taking the lead as a quality entrepreneur. Instead of pursuing better results and longer-lasting initiatives, they buy links and like to win more followers in order to get better results.

Organic Space

While it is a known fact that young entrepreneurs are interested in gaining perspectives on general business ideas and learning tactics to employ in the influencer marketing space, they do not necessarily have to leave the organic medium in order to follow the emulators. They simply have to modify their style and become better at what they do.

Experts share the same DNA

While highlighting a few personalities, let’s start with the man who continues to influence a generation of entrepreneurs:

  • Mark Zuckerberg. He created Facebook, the most powerful social media platform that is not only valuable but also scalable. Through his professional capabilities and social connectivity, not only has he influenced individuals take the road less travelled, but also navigated the way for them in more ways than one.
  • Millennial mentor Gerard Adams rightfully says, “You never know when an opportunity is going to strike so you have to be ready at all times, no matter what!” He is a successful influencer who understands people. With over 15 million followers across his social media channels, he creates quality communication to entertain people around the globe.  His platform ensures involvement and engagement for people who wish to create their own startups and become entrepreneurs themselves.
  • You can become a quality entrepreneur and an influencer in your industry, just like Neil Patel. He grew his blog from scratch, became an influencer and today is helping others build their business. He is able to leverage this to drive any message to the larger market. Owing to the personal experience and expertise he shares, there is immense trust and credibility in the message he tends to convey.  It is evidently possible then to stick to ones forte and build more credibility and focus in growing as an entrepreneur than just to buy tools to gain an instant image boost. Many people across the world will without doubt want to take notes from you. 

These people are living examples of quality entrepreneurs who are not forcible influencers. They are experts in their fields; therefore do not have to try hard to persuade people. They share exactly what they know, how much they know with their followers without exploiting them. They possess the ability to relate to real people, creating that magic of authenticity and reliability. They don’t have to buy an opinion or likes, it comes naturally to them.

First A Focused Entrepreneur Then A Flourishing Influencer

Being a plausible influencer is the key and it does not come easy. One does go through a lot to get to where they want to, which includes empowering oneself to becoming a better individual and emerging in-spite of hardships. Being well aware of the people who count on them and on their decisions and therefore take risks to make the right decisions is critical.

They hold full responsibility for the positive impact they create on the lives of people who follow them, believe in them, and interact with them, the market, the community and the economy as a whole. They are not thwarted by a failure or defeats instead accept it, move on and keep trying till they succeed. In this ever-evolving time frame, it is well worth the effort to first possess the quality of an entrepreneur to endorse and promote in the long run, and later as an influencer who can drive awareness and traffic and promote his goods or services for free because he has built a lasting relationship with him.  This is not possible with the PPC or CPM advertisement.

Influencer marketing is the future of social media marketing too, because they provide quality leads that advertisers want. And for this to sustain momentum, the influencers better be authentic.

If you think you can hone even the minutest of tactics commonly possessed by these successful quality entrepreneurs, then chances are that you will be that much close yourself!

Edition: June 2017

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