Cadillac Drives Home Its Brand Identity: "We Are Pioneers"

Cadillac Drives Home Its Brand Identity: "We Are Pioneers"
Image credit: Cadillac
Cadillac CTS V Sedan

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By Cadillac

“We have always been dreamers. We’ve been a symbol of the future, a standard, a star.” Opening with these lines, Cadillac’s latest advertisement titled “Pioneers” -one among a series of commercials the automotive company released during the 2017 Oscar’s telecast- is an extension of the brand’s recent signature marketing campaign "Dare Greatly." An ode to their entrepreneurial customers, and the company’s own willingness to “dare greatly,” the commercial highlights how Cadillac has, in every step of its journey, strived to drive the industry forward. However, the message Cadillac wants you to take away is that, despite being pioneers, the company is in no mood to rest on its laurels. From introducing technologies like Super Cruise 2 in their vehicles to driver assist innovations to its subscripton service Book by Cadillac, Cadillac stresses with this video that, “evolution of driving never stops, and neither will they.” 

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