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10 'Sales Funnel' Tricks That Can Be Fruitful For Your Business

Customer Relationship Management enables a company to track down every customer interaction at any given stage in a funnel
10 'Sales Funnel' Tricks That Can Be Fruitful For Your Business
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You wouldn't agree less if I tell you that the core need of any successful business is an unparallel approach towards its structure and the functioning.

Before giving any frames and directions to your idea, you need to first look out for the bull's eye, which will ensure your company a healthy sale. To get a clear vision about a customer's journey, depiction of the sales process from awareness to action, a 'sales funnel' is being used. The use of funnel is a tradition, but is as flexible and unconventional as you can make it according to your requirements.

It has some basic steps to work upon, which work like a filtration process of visitors into customers. It starts with the conversion of your cold traffic visitors into repeat visitors, which can be done through articles or blogs and then they become the lead through signing up the newsletter or something which means that now they are the potential customers.

Now, at this stage, you have to work towards making them your regular customers. However, these steps are not concrete and may work differently for different companies so to make sure you make the best out of this tool, here are 10 best cracks to use it for your business.

Attract The Unknowns

While you may think that there is this particular group of people who should be targeted as your customers, there are many more people who would probably love to buy your product only if they know about it. So keep your eyes even on those who you don't see as potential buyers.

This can be through blogging, social networking, publishing your articles or even doing the 'old fashioned' public approach through television, live events, direct mails, etc.

Get Them Engaged

Once you are done with getting a rough draft, your next goal is to get them connected with you and for that you need their contact information (usually e-mail). This can be done through a lead magnet, which is nothing but a sort of bribe wherein you offer them more valuable services in return of their email or something.

To keep them engaged, you can focus more on your landing pages, get subscriptions done through contact forms and much more.

Help Them Understand The Product

After getting the attention from your leads, your job now is to make them more aware about the product you offer. This step involves making your prospect satisfied with the queries they have or making them aware about anything related to your services that they don't already know. This can be done through emails, auto responder drips etc.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

This software enables a company to track down every customer interaction at any given stage in a funnel. It will help you identify where your prospect lies in the process and what step should be taken next to keep it moving ahead.

E-commerce Promotion

Having done all the pre-requisites of the sales now is the time to ask your prospect to buy the product. Through email, tell your subscribers about your latest policies and offers and special services. Schedule them around popular holidays and keep reminding them to get your product constantly.

Know Their Needs

You can offer discounts to your prospect keeping in mind their needs. Like, if someone has visited a particular product several times than you that they are giving that product a though but are not buying it due to some reasons. So put up discount on it for them, keep sending mails according to the requirement of the particular prospect.

Don't Let Go

Knowing the fact that you have invested a lot of your energy and time in earning the already existing customers, you should keep them interacting with you in any forms. This will keep them engaged and will turn them into loyal customers. Apart from hitting on the cold traffic, you should also take care of those who have already made a purchase.

Ask Them To Refer

Referrals are great if worked upon. You can ask your customer to refer the product to somebody who would be benefitted from it and then put some discount for them to on their next purchase. This will ensure two things, one is you get a new prospect through a customer and the other is to get a new purchase from the older customer.

Why Buy?

To answer this question from your prospect, you can let them have a free trail or can provide them with some great discounts on their first purchase. Also, you can make a comparison on the prices of the same product available in different markets.

To Build Loyalty

After the purchasing is done, make sure that an email is sent to them in the form of gratitude. Also, keep in touch with them and send them wishes on their birthdays, anniversary, etc, this will go long way to build up the loyalty.

Edition: May 2017

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