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The Voices In Your Head

They're saying things--some good, some bad. Timothy Gallwey teaches people to listen to the right ones.

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Chuck Nathan calls it a mini-disaster avoided. A warehouse manager at Amtext Inc., the Miami college-textbook wholesaler Nathan founded in 1985, had overlooked a key variable in a decision that was going to cost the 55-person company big money. At the last minute, a member of a departmental team Nathan set up noticed the error...and the day was saved. "Just that one decision is going to make a significant difference in the company's profitability [over] the next couple of years," says the 48-year-old entrepreneur.

Chalk another one up to "the inner game," a concept developed and popularized by writer and trainer Timothy Gallwey. Nathan credits the successful save to the department's ability to work effectively and team-building training his managers received a year earlier from Gallwey. The idea behind the inner game is pretty simple: By removing inner obstacles such as self-monitoring, you can dramatically improve your ability to focus, learn and perform. Gallwey has written a series of books and conducted many speeches and seminars on applying the idea to sports, and other areas.

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