How IoT and Big Data Are Solving Problems in Educational Ecosystem

Big data on students helps in understanding which ones need individual attention and thus aids in adjusts lesson plans for future classes

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The first thing that comes to your mind when someone says Internet of Things is smart-tech. It's like a gadget or a wearable that is revolutionizing consumer lifestyle. However, there is a lot more to the IoT story and its impact on the way educational institutes function.


According to research, there will be a thirty-fold increase in Internet-connected physical devices by 2020 and this will have a significant impact on how schools and colleges operate.

IoT will provide solutions to intelligently connect people, processes, data, and things via devices and sensors. Through data and intelligence, we will witness automation in a lot of processes. It will also pave the way for experiential learning through artificial reality.

Impact of IoT

IoT is disrupting the education process as early as kindergarten and continues to do so thereafter.

Students, these days are increasingly moving away from text books and encyclopedias and treading toward tablets and laptops. With all of the necessary information at their fingertips, students can now learn at their own pace and have a nearly identical educational experience in their homes and in the classroom. While this helps students it also helps teachers and professors to conduct their teachings more efficiently thus helping them perform other routine tasks at ease.

Big data on students can also help in understanding which ones need the most individual attention and thus adjusts lesson plans for future classes.

Beyond the classroom, educational institutes are now connected through apps. These apps bridge the communication gap and also help build safer campuses. For example, checking homework, attendance and even keeping a track of connected buses is possible just by logging into the app.

Internet -- The Game Changer

India is world's second biggest smartphone market and most of them have Internet access. Majority of middle school and high school students use the World Wide Web for educational purposes.

Considering the above trend it is clear that IoT will soon transform the educational ecosystem as we had known it. Who knows students might soon automate tasks such as note-taking, schedule checking, and research.

What schools need to understand is that tech is an investment that they are making, which, in the long run, will help in increasing productivity and profitability.

Evolving Nature of Tech

Technology advancement has made it easy to pull data from varied sources and exchange it with various stakeholders.

As of now, cloud-based technologies are nice-to-have and are fast becoming must-have. The ROI evidence justifies the considerable investment required. IoT and big data are disrupting the industry while we know that it will add value to the business. We also need to know how much to invest in it as per business needs.

Moreover, technology keeps changing everyday and you need to make sure that you keep updating your systems and use the latest version.

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