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How to Be Everywhere in Only a Few Minutes a Day

When your target market is being overloaded by advertisements, use these techniques to break through the clutter and get noticed.

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3,500 advertisements a day.

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The stat is cited often as the number of messages an average person receives each day from businesses. And the depth of challenge the average business owner faces when trying to reach prospects to sell their products, programs, or services.

Unfortunately, 3,500 is low. Thanks to social media, the number is so much higher.

According to a study by Media Dynamics, the average consumption of media by consumers has grown from 5.2 hours in 1945 to 9.8 hours today, and during that time there are more than 5,000 brand and advertising messages passing the eyeballs of each viewer.

So how does the average entrepreneur without the budget of Fortune 500 companies break through the clutter? Show up more often in more places.

The more you can leverage your content to create an “omnipresence” the more likely you are to create a lasting impression that drives results with your target market. And thankfully, you can execute a multi-faceted market approach that doesn’t require 20 Marketing MBAs, a large budget, or hours of your time.

In fact, you can run a persuasive multi-channel marketing campaign in just minutes a day. Here’s how...

Step One: Create one piece of original content per week.

This piece should be of value to your target market and have something to do with what you sell. As in, if they are interested in reading your blog, they very well might be interested in buying your products, programs, or services. If you have trouble coming up with content ideas, a helpful resource is Put in any topic and up will come questions searched about that topic online. Develop a series simply by answering those questions, and you will be offering high-value content to prospects and customers alike.

In order to get leads from your articles and not just views (hello, measurable results!), be sure to create links within your blog for an opportunity to opt-in. I recommend a give-away that makes your blog article even better, such as a blog about foods that help keep you cancer free with a free opt-in to get 5 days of recipes. We call it a “Juicy Carrot” because you want it to attract bunnies who like to multiply and it is so delicious that they can’t wait to bite into it.

Include links to your Juicy Carrot throughout your blog post, as the final call to action in the article and on the sidebar of the page. And if you want to get the most out of it, use a pop-up on the page, such as Opt-In Monster to capture even more leads from visitors.

(Yes, super achievers, you can go with more than one, and yes, your results will multiply. But this column is about minutes a day so we are sticking with one. However, I do have a stash of gold stars to give you when you get the “more than one” thing down pat.)

Step Two: Break your content into different promotional pieces.

  • Social media posts:
    • Pull ut as many tips as you can from the article and turn each into its own social media post, creating quote images when it makes sense with your content.
    • Frmat the images and content to match the formatting of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and wherever else you want your content to run.
    • Schedule yur posts to run on different platforms at different times, using a scheduling tool such as MeetEdgar or Hootsuite.
  • LinkedIn Long Form Post: Repost your article on LinkedIn as a long-form post one week after putting it on your site and use the built-in social media share buttons to distribute it to your tribe. Make sure to include links to your Juicy Carrot in your post. Yes, LinkedIn allows that!
  • Instagram and Facebook Lives: Create a series of live segments on Facebook and Instagram giving the tips you pulled out for your social media posts and encourage the viewers to get the full post by linking to it.
  • YouTube: Download the MP4 from your Facebook Live and upload it to YouTube. In the description, include a link to the full blog post.

Following this strategy, you create an omnipresence that allows you to reach your target market multiple times for free without spending a lot of time on it. Put this into your marketing schedule and prioritize it so it is sure to happen and you can break through the daily message clutter of your target market without difficultly.

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