#6 Websites Which Can be a Book Lover's Paradise

Now, read a book on your smartphone for free

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Whether it's a lazy sunny afternoon or a rainy day, you are travelling or are at leisure, books have always been a much loved resort for many. While the love for a hardbound book cannot be done away with, it's weight often weighs one down or your worst nightmare, you leave the book somewhere. Carrying a book everywhere might not be possible, but why do so when the book can be hidden in your pocket? 


Your smartphone can be your book and all it needs is internet connectivity. 

From business books to non-fiction to fantasy or thriller and fiction, any genre you can think of, it’s found on the web.

To save your time, here's a list of online free book websites.  

  • A Safe Book Haven 

If you are lover of books and all you want is a free access, ManyBooks is your online haven. In a variety of downloadable formats, there are hundreds of books available here, you can pick the genre you like and the best part? It's all free.  

  • A Network Worth Treasuring 

For an organised person and someone who likes their books when they are kept in order, The Literature Network is their favourite. With the books organized alphabetically according to the author's name, when you click on an author's name, the writer's biography, articles and related links will pop up. What's better, you can even play a quiz related to your favourite author. While most of the books here are free; some downloads require a small fee.

  • Reading With a Twist

Aren't podcasts the new favourite? And can it get better than listening to someone read out your favourite book? Librivox is a dream-come true for audiobook lovers. All the books here are absolutely free, which is good news for those of us who have had to pony up ridiculously high fees for substandard audiobooks. Librivox has many volunteers that work to release quality recordings of classic books, all free for anyone to download. If you've been looking for a great place to find free audio books, Librivox is a good place to start.

  • Old is Gold

It is known to be one of the largest sources for free books on the Web, but it's not just that. Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest e-book sites with over thousands of books available for free download. Although most of the books released here are in English, but there are books in other languages available too. All you have to do is search by the author name, title, language or subjects and you can find a great read for yourself. You can even check out the top 100-list to see what other book lovers have been downloading. 

  • Millions to Read

This website offers the most fascinating collection of all kinds of reading materials: presentations, textbooks, popular reading, and much more, all organized according to the topic. In Scribd, you can even take a free trial of reading books. The website lets the user pick specific genres of reading under its trial period. It is also one of the web’s largest source of published content, with literally millions of documents published every month.

  • A Boon for Book Lovers

This website is considered as currently the world's largest online publishing company of eBooks. Bookboon.com is focused on publishing student literature for engineering, IT and business students as well as short and practical business books.

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