These Three Technology Transformations Can Revolutionize Your Industry

In the 90s, where businesses were talking about internet strategy, it is now time to talk about your cloud strategy

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Necessity is the mother of most inventions; but with time, new technologies keep updating these inventions. However, companies that are born in the cloud, technology is at the center of their strategy.


Traditional industries such as farming or sports even retail are using sensors, data centers that are revolutionizing these segments like never before. George Chacko, Director – Global Accounts, Intel Technologies during the launch of Lenovo’s data center in Mumbai was discussing these three emerging trends that have been in the capacity to change the way businesses work.

Hybrid Cloud - scale up your business

Just like in the 90s, where businesses were talking about internet strategy, it is now time to talk about your cloud strategy, George says.

 Intel is among those companies that have been in the forefront in setting up the cloud infrastructure and as we see, what is really going take shape is the hybrid cloud, he stressed. Hybrid cloud will give the industry the ability to be flexible along with the ability to scale up and there is where the future of cloud is going to be.

Data Analysis - an opportunity

With all these cloud infrastructures and connecting devices, one is generating data.  What do you do with so much data?

According to a study, George adds only a percent of the data is been utilized or analyzed and here is where the next big opportunity lies.

5G - get connected

George and his company firmly believe networks are going to change. For them, 5G is not just the next wireless technology. 5G as the means of connecting the best network you can get at any point in time.

5G is about connecting the millions of people and things that are not connected today.  In 2016, there was about 11b internet connected things and people which will scale up to about 30billion by 2020. And by 2025, this figure will triple to about 80billion.

These connected things are not useful unless a powerful network connects them and that is an opportunity for 5G, he concludes.

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