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Sony's New Xperia Touch Adds A Whole New Dimension To Your Life

Sony's New Xperia Touch Adds A Whole New Dimension To Your Life
Image credit: Sony

Sony is pushing pass its competitors with the launch of its new smart projector, the Xperia Touch. Built with the latest Sony intelligence, this compact and lightweight short-throw projector transforms a wall, table, floor, or any flat surface into an interactive 23-inch HD touchscreen.

Sony Xperia Touch.Image credit: Sony.

Whether you want to play games on the living room floor, project a recipe onto the kitchen counter, or simply make your wall a message board, Xperia Touch adds a whole new dimension to your home. The projector features presence sensing technology, two-way stereo speakers, horizontal and vertical displays. It’s also Wi-Fi connected and compatible with Android apps and games in the Google Play Store.

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