What I didn't Know Before I Started My Company

It doesn't matter which part of the world you come from to attend an event as long as you share the spirit of entrepreneurship

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Outsource Certain Aspect of the Business


Start-ups often believe that they should do everything on their own. There are a lot of benefits of outsourcing the bookkeeping activities as a lot of time can be saved and one can be more focused towards the business. You will also save money as account outsourcing is cheaper than hiring a full time employee.

This also ensures that you have more time to concentrate on the core project and services. Hiring freelancers can be more cost-effective than employing full-time staff; with the added benefit of you being able to quickly scale back should your finances run low.

Today freelancers get work done more efficiently and quickly than full-time employees.

The process can be simpler, and faster rather than recruiting a full-time employee. If the quality of one freelancer is unsatisfactory,one can easily switch to a different freelancer. You can usually expect a fast turnaround time because a delay impacts the freelancer’s own ability to generate an income. A study by Intetics has revealed that outsourcing can save companies 60 per cent on overhead costs. One can outsource every aspect of the business but considering how vital the main aspect — development is to every start-up.

Networking is Also Important

We know a lot of people in the industry that we might not talk to every day, but the connection is always there, the support is always there whenever required.

Communication and strong presence in the entrepreneurial ecosystem are productive approaches, which will help one along the way to building strong relationships with fellow entrepreneurs from different age groups, nationalities and fields of interests.

Networking is powerful in many different ways as it widens one’s perspective in many ways. Not only do entrepreneurs feel inspired and motivated after attending specific events or meet ups, but also many exceptional opportunities can occur if they impress potential investors or business partners.

In order to impersonate the business and yourself it is not enough just to be a part, one also needs to be active, memorable, to provide value to the others with the presence and to make others want to stay in touch with you. Be ready to impress, to be remembered and desirable for future business relations. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you come from, if you share the spirit of entrepreneurship you are welcome to attend different network events. Knowing your business and goals, you have various opportunities to attend various events, by choosing from casual groups to highly professional associations.

Hire wisely

It is completely fine if you are hiring your — friends, family or personal recommendations. You just need to hire efficient workers, who understand the job responsibilities. It’s important to start out with a good sense of what kind of person you want to hire and the type you need to avoid. You need people who eat, sleep, and breathe the ideals and goals of the company, people who believe in your goals so much that they go above and beyond the call of duty to make things done. These are the kind of people who will listen to you and understand your goals and vision.

Marketing Matters

It is very important to market the company in the right light. Marketing is what will boost the popularity of your company and have an impact on the overall business. Marketing ideas need to serve the purpose of the company’s goals and also be interesting and attractive. It’s a myth that good products sell themselves.

It is true that a product that is very usable, cost-efficient etc. will sell, but if you don’t market it the right way, it can be a total flop. It is very important for your customers to know why you’re better and different than your competitors. One should always remember the way you market your brand is what will form the first impression in your client’s mind, which is the most important thing.