Here's How These Start-ups Help You be the Perfect Party Host

If a house party is on your mind, these start-ups will help you out

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Come weekend, and everyone likes to wind down. While going out to a pub might not be what one wants to do all the time but a few beers, a music system and most importantly, a chill crowd and you are sorted to have a party at home. But if you are one of those who don’t like to put in too much effort, you can turn to your phones for help. Now, many apps and start-ups are helping people organise parties and then clean their place up too!


Entrepreneur India takes a look at how start-ups can help you bring in the weekend mood.

Book the party pad

The first thing you need while setting up a house party is a house in itself! But for all those who do not want to get their own house messy or do not want to disturb their families with the loud music, there’s another option. A secretly growing trend in India is to book an AirBnB for the night and turn it into the party venue. With the furniture and everything already taken care of, all you have to do is arrive with the party essentials!

The Online Chef

This one, we don’t have to explain. But here we go. Food is always the next big worry. Instead of wasting your entire day in preparing a menu and then cooking the same, just order the food from the good ol’ Swiggy or Zomato! With UberEats and Ola partnering with Zomato, it’s an even easier game. And if you are going the healthy way, then you can even check out the ambit of healthy/organic food delivery start-ups like InnerChef.

But if you are one of those who want to put in the effort for your near ones, you can also try out apps like All Recipes Dinner Spinner that can help you find the right recipe for the new dish you want to try out.

Ring in a Surprise

If you are throwing a surprise party for a friend or family, there are now start-ups that will take away the pain of actually planning the surprise. Hyderabad-based start-up Oye Happy helps you plan a customised gift for your loved one. From actually getting the gift made to delivering it to your doorstep, they plan an elaborate fancy surprise for your loved one.  

Prop It Up

What’s a fun party without a few props! Be it a theme party or a dress-up one, props always add to the fun aspect. And instead of going around looking for a shop that has the right props that fit your theme, you can just go online and order them! Start-ups like Party Hunterz or let you order fun props online and even deliver them.

The Next Morning Round-up

The after-effects of a party (we aren’t talking about just the hangovers) can be very tiring too. A messy house just makes things worse. But instead of spending your whole day scrubbing the floor, you can just book a start-up to arrange a clean-up for you. Start-ups like Urban Clap, HouseJoy, Mydidi etc., will send your very own entourage of people who will clean up the space for you, while you sit back and relax.