How This Entrepreneur is Helping Businesses Build their Brands

For start-ups and businesses alike, she helps them create a brand name in the industry

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A fresh round of investments or a new product launched, every start-up has one target after their achievement – to let the whole world know about it. The idea is to find space in every print or online news agency, which in turn will help them in customer acquisition and creating a brand name. This is when a brand consultant comes into the picture and changes the game for them. With a brand building exercise and a media blitz, they ensure that your company gets the attention it deserves.

Public Relations came naturally to Khyati Minglani. A graduate of journalism and mass communication, a string of PR internships as well as the guidance of the people around her, helped Minglani build her own venture Trailblazers. It aims to provide creative business solutions to other businesses.  

PR helps Establish the Identity of the Start-up

When entrepreneurs begin their journey, PR or brand building is not something they look into. The focus is always on the product and scaling up the business. But what they forget is that an important part of scaling up is building a brand that the audience can identify.

Minglani, however, believes otherwise. “PR is essential as it helps in establishing the identity in the beginning in itself. Developing a PR exercise helps in experimenting as it also allows start-ups to take up risks and newer challenges. It is essential for them as it helps them understand the core concept of how to develop business plans by exploring how to tap their potential business.”

At Trailblazers, Minglani looks at providing business solutions to every client. “We believe that making our services client specific drives us better towards being better than the rest of the people,” she said.

Checklist for Building a Brand

Having helped many companies establish a successful brand, Minglani knows the exact requirements of the brand building exercise. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to identify the target audience, as your needs are based on your consumers. “The market trends, competitors and demands of the consumers are the key aspects that are supposed to be looked at while working for a specific client and building a brand,” said Minglani. At Trailblazers, they handle mainly brands from the food and beverage industry.

Turning the Negatives into Positives

An exit gone wrong with a disgruntled employee deciding to tarnish the image of the company or take the case of Uber, of a company culture gone horribly wrong, at such times it becomes important to rebuild the brand. While it may seem tough, Minglani says it is not an unimaginable task.

“There are two perspectives to look at the scenario, either to rebuild the brand by covering up the problematic areas or to replenish the image to reform the existing and re-launching the brand as new,” she said.

However, rebuilding the brand would require winning back the misplaced trust from the consumers.  “First of all, one needs to identify the problem areas due to which the band refresh is required. Secondly, it is important to resolve the problem areas to start afresh and regaining the trust and loyalty towards the brand,” she said.

Overcoming Challenges

Minglani in her entrepreneurial journey has faced many challenges. Right from building a team to implementing an idea, every day brings with it a new challenge. “The process of transforming thoughts into plan of action into deliberate action and reap best results is what is challenging,” she said.

However, Minglani found her saviour in her husband. With a career which challenges her every day, it’s when she’s with her husband that she feels at home. “He is my calm-maker who helps me tackle hurdles that come my way,” she said.   

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