How this Startup is Ensuring Asset Safety for India's Biggest Companies

The company conducts non-invasive inspections without harming any operation

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Automated technologies  have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, with IoT and cloud based technology providing effective business solutions. While it has been relatively easier for software and service based companies to bring on board such partners, the true effect of automation is still being explored by manufacturing and heavy industries.


To facilitate the uasge of automation and monitor operations, Chennai-based DeTect Technologies have come up with a unique drone, consisting of technology that conducts non-invasive inspections without harming any operations. The inspection readings are then tabulated by an automated system that sends reports to these manufacturing companies.

"Our technology has been built to conduct assest monitoring operations for large volume assests both internally and externally, a service that no company in India is providing right now," said Daniel Raj, the founder of the company, which was incubated at IIT Madras but has now gone on to become 40-member team of hardcore techies, building automated solution for heavy industries.

A Need Based Innovation 

Although the team spent over five years in research and development to come out with the market-ready products, they feel the time was worth teh wait as they wanted to build a product that would be the need of the hour and not just any existing technology. 

"Oue drone called Noctua is used for inspections and an ultrasonic sensor called Gumps is used to cater to the energy sector where inspection of pipelines and other large assets needs remote monitoring and inspection for leaks," said Raj. 

While heavy industries can be categorised into many sectors in India, Raj says their main clientele right now are oil and natural gas players, where manual insepction can be hazardous, and even impossible in most cases. DeTect's technology is currently being used by some of India's biggest comapnies including RIL, BP, IOC,HPCL and even the Tatas.