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LG Electronics Focuses On The Middle East With Energy Efficient Air Conditioners

LG Electronics Focuses On The Middle East With Energy Efficient Air Conditioners
Image credit: LG Electronics

LG Electronics responds to regional concerns about energy consumption with the introduction of DUALCOOL air conditioning units in the Middle East and Africa. Government entities throughout the region have been embracing innovations that put its residents on the path toward energy conservation- for instance, in the UAE, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (EASM) developed a national energy efficiency policy which includes minimum efficiency standards for air conditioning units and a product labeling system to educate consumers.

With the landscape moving in this direction, DUALCOOL, LG’s latest flagship residential air conditioning solution, uses a Tropical Inverter Compressor to improve efficiency and performance. “The compressor is the most important element of any air conditioner. It must withstand high temperatures and harsh environments,” says Kevin Cho, Vice President of Air Solutions. According to Cho, the top three buying factors for Middle East consumers are durability, fast cooling and energy savings, and that’s the basis on which DUALCOOL is developed. With By-Pass Cycle technology to disperse heat build-up, the new Tropical Compressor helps the air conditioner function reliably in temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius.

Coupled with Gold Fin, which shields the heat exchanger from corrosion caused by hot, dry and dusty conditions, DUALCOOL is built to withstand extreme desert climates, a promise that LG backs with a 10-year warranty. DUALCOOL is also equipped with an array of smart features that gives consumers greater control over cooling. The Smart Diagnosis interface allows users access to setup, installation, troubleshooting data and other information directly from their smartphone. In addition, the SIMs chip allows users to easily monitor the status of the air conditioner as well as the current indoor or outdoor temperature.

An added benefit of DUALCOOL air conditioners is the built-in Plasmaster Ioninzer, which sterilizes harmful airborne substances such as bacteria and allergens. With DUALCOOL, LG Electronics combines innovation with smart technology to offer the region a tailormade solution to decrease energy consumption as it relates to cooling.

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