These Are the Attributes Single Entrepreneurs Desire Most in Dates

Recent research uncovers the priorities that male and female entrepreneurs look for in their partners.
These Are the Attributes Single Entrepreneurs Desire Most in Dates
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Hot or not? That's the top concern for single entrepreneurs when it comes to dating, according to a recent study.

EliteSingles surveyed about 14,000 of its users who self-identify as entrepreneurs to uncover what they look for in a significant other. Compared to the general public, who scored "kindness" as the most important factor in a potential partner, entrepreneurs put “attractive appearance” at the top. But honesty, openness and chemistry were also important to surveyed entrepreneurs.

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According to the research, female single entrepreneurs are looking for someone who brings in the same amount of income. Compared to men, 27 percent more women think that earning a similar income as their counterpart is important. It’s also important that this person have some depth too. Being able to have an intellectually stimulating conversation is 14 percent more important to female single entrepreneurs than males. A love of art and a person’s moral values are also factors that matter more to women. When it comes to topics of conversation for men, politics and outdoor pursuits are top priorities.

As the saying goes, “age is just a number.” That stands true for single male entrepreneurs. Age is 9 percent more important to female survey participants, and height is 23 percent more important too.

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So, when it comes to age, education and income, female and male single entrepreneurs couldn’t be more different. However, there’s one thing that both agree on: monogamy. The majority of single entrepreneurs agreed that monogamy was essential for a sustainable relationship.

When it comes to business in general, both sexes have a lot more in common too. In the study, when asked to self-identify from a list of 60 characters, men and women chose the words faithful, loyal and trusting to describe themselves. Nearly three-quarters of participants also called themselves ambitious, however, not as many would go as far to say they were actually successful -- only 39 percent said this.

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“When it comes to finding a partner, [entrepreneurs] desire that special someone who has the loyalty, patience and kindness to support them in their career aspirations,” Zoe Coetzee, EliteSingles’ in-house psychologist, said in a statement accompanying the study. “Here an apparent difference comes to the fore between genders, with women’s preference for a partner who won’t be intimidated by their drive and success in the long run.”

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