#3 Must Have Apps For Business Travelers

Check out the 3 essential apps that can make groggy and dull airport wait-time productive, smart and entertaining.

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Do you feel bored at railway stations and airport waiting for your train or flight to arrive? Picture yourself waiting at the airport for hours, having no one to talk to and spend time with. Well, that doesn't sound too easy. These are places where you get really bored and just can’t think of anything to do. Many of us reach out to our smartphones for entertainment at the first hint of getting bored throughout the day. But thanks to technology that is also giving incredible options to travelers to kill their boredom by connecting to fellow passengers.

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Check out the 3 essential apps that can make groggy and dull airport wait-time productive, smart and entertaining.


Founded by Vig Kannan, inTRANSIT allows passengers at airports to connect with fellow passengers through their location-based social network - the inTRANSIT Lounge, which is one of the features, offered within the app. Apart from that, it also connects passengers with airport retailers globally. “As an avid traveler, I’ve spent hundreds of hours at airport transit. One past incident got me thinking about the possibility of a platform to help passengers at airports spend their time in a more productive and fun way, than just sitting around waiting to board the flight,” says Vig Kannan, CEO, inTRANSIT.

Installs: 10,000 - 50,000

Rating: 4.3


Launched in 2017, LEVO is a new-age networking platform that allows airtravelers to discover profiles of co-passengers, connect with them via an app to meet them at the airport or sit next to on the flight! The start-up has partnered with airport lounges to set-up “off-line meeting zones” where travelers can network with other interesting people who have also pre-committed their time to a specific location. “As a frequent flyer, the drudgery of waiting at the airports would make me observe the people who surrounded me. I was always intrigued by their profiles and wished that there was an easy way to learn more about their story! That’s when the idea of Levo came to me,” says Rahul Maheshwari , Co-founder, Levo Innovations.

Installs: 5000 - 10,000

Rating: 4.6


OMitra, a train social platform developed by Hyderabad based entrepreneur Vikas Jagetiya, enables passengers to find friends in the train and chat with them. “Three years ago, the 30+ hours of travel journey from Bhilwara, Rajasthan to Hyderabad left me bored and mentally exhausted. That’s when the idea of OMitra was born,” says Vikas Jagetiya, Founder, OMitra.

Installs: 100,000 - 500,000

Rating: 4.0

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