Is Automation Redefining the Hiring Relationship?

Companies have been doing something similar for long without realizing it
Is Automation Redefining the Hiring Relationship?
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To say that hiring automation is an entirely new way of doing things would be incorrect. Companies have been doing something similar for long without realizing it. An excellent example is the various CRM applications that companies use to manage their hiring processes.

A CRM system essentially nurtures a client over a period of time. This happens in the form of series of email updates, seminars, podcasts, webinars and other means. Most companies know the drill; however, the same does not seem to apply to hiring processes because candidates are not treated at par with clients.

When a position is open in an organization, calls are made to recruitment agencies, and the entire process of hiring is done from scratch. There are several reasons for this:

  • No central repository of database which tells the HR manager if potential candidates exist within the organization
  • Data of potential candidates who did not make through the last time is obsolete
  • The recruitment process was siloed. Thus other candidates are not kept in the loop about the current status of the job opening.

Moreover, recruitment agencies who are tasked with collecting information about potential candidates hesitate to reach out to candidates who were not selected during the previous cycle. And the candidates too are not too keen to apply for the same position again. This is especially relevant for millennials employees who look beyond paychecks.

All these issues can effectively be addressed by treating all applicants as potential customers.

Just like modern CRM systems, hiring automation system would treat each applicant as a potential customer. Rather than allowing information to remain in a silo (LinkedIn mailbox, applicant tracking system, emails), everything is collated.

The applicants are kept informed throughout the entire process of recruitment creating a positive impact on the candidate's mind. Even if the applicant does not make through, he or she is kept engaged through various means. It effectively impresses upon the candidate that the organization looks at them beyond open positions and is focused on a long-term relationship.

The intent is to show how hiring automation can have a far-reaching impact on redefine the current scenario in recruitment. Millennials as said earlier want more than just paycheck when they work with an organization and the process starts right when they approach you for an open position. The bonds between hiring and automation are deepening with applicants being treated as potential customers.

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