How these Astrology Start-ups are Charting Their Own Destiny

According to reports, the Indian astrological industry is worth $10 billion
How these Astrology Start-ups are Charting Their Own Destiny
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For these start-ups, it was all written in the stars. Indians, for years and years, have believed in the alignment of the stars. Be it when they are starting a new business or shifting into a new home, astrology dictates the date and time for the same. A holy hour is slotted and almost as if it was a mandate, everything important has to be wound up within the said period.

According to reports, the Indian astrological industry is worth $10 billion. Cashing in on these beliefs of millions of Indians, start-ups have created a business out of it.

Entrepreneur India takes a look at the various ways in which astrology start-ups have created a niche for themselves in India beyond providing users their daily horoscopes.

Baba Bazaar

Online marketplaces have found a place for themselves in almost all sectors. With astrology too, marketplaces have made their way into the segment. Be it because they are new in a city or because of an emergency, often people don’t know whom to approach when they need to get the right advice. So, start-ups have created marketplaces for astrology. Izofy is one such start-up that connects consumers with everyone in the field of astrology right from astrologers, numerologists, tarot readers, vaastu consultants to even healers. They have even gone on to launch their app, where one can post questions or even get suggestions about lucky days, stones etc.

Consulting online

For people who do not want to step out and ask about their problems, either because they are shy or because of geographical issues, start-ups have found the best way out – ask it online. With a network of astrologers and experts, they promise to give the right feedback to people who post their queries. Start-ups like Astrobuddy or AskMonk, let people post their queries online and get back to them with solutions for a fee.

Crossing the language barrier

More and more people who believe in astrology are based out of Tier II and Tier III cities of India, would prefer to get their tips and solutions in their regional language. Claiming to be one of the biggest astrology websites in India,, has crossed this barrier too. Providing people with answers in regional languages as well, they have managed to reach out to more users across India.

The Guiding Force

Almost every businessman/woman, while launching their business will consult an astrologer for the right time and the right way to go ahead with the launch. Specialising in these corporate clients, Vedic Rishi has come up with astrological algorithms which backed with science and data promises to be the personalised guide for their clients.


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