How Video Platforms are Increasingly Biting into Profits of Conventional Media

This Entrepreneur claims that news in the form of video content brings actual news experience to users

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Video has now emerged as a popular medium. Its presence is ubiquitous — television, social media, billboards and advertisements. Video apps like Vine, Snapchat and Periscope are major players that have posed challenge to other media. They have proved that video is better than text, images, and infographics.


With rising popularity of video, businesses are focusing more on this form as it has the potential to build a follower base for a brand.

Tapping into the significant business opportunity, Dilip Venkatraman started VideoTap, a Noida – based start-up that is delivering dynamic, personalized interactive videos on demand to consumers. With its proprietary cloud-based software ‘Design Room’, the start-up aims to transform the way videos today are delivered, viewed and monetized.

Venkatraman has used his rich experience of running media companies, to create the concept of Videotap for consumers, enterprises, publishers, media, advertising agencies and content developers.

Founded in 2013, the start-up aims to deliver the smart video experience seamlessly, across connected devices.

Why Video?

Nothing helps your audience identify with your brand better than a solid brand video. Venkatraman maintained that video has the ability to tell stories that quickly engage customers and can help build brand loyalty.

“Video content facilitates business with cutting-edge communication in the market. Most importantly in today’s media environment, people are more likely to share video content on their social networks, giving brands and businesses a larger reach. Smartphones are the most preferred devices to consume video content, which increase the opportunities for businesses with the multiplier effect,” he explained.

Disseminating News Through Video

Several news channels have started video news service for its users because the digital video consumption is growing year-by-year. Venkatraman claimed that news in the form of video content brings actual news experience to the user.

“Video brings vividness to news stories and grabs the attention of the viewers. News content has a short shelf life and video brings the actual news experience. For example, you know that an incident happened, but you have a greater sense of the incident when you see its video,” he stressed.

The rise of video content and the increase mobile engagement can make 2017 the year of online video.

Why 2017 Will Be the Year of Online Video?

According to Venkatraman, in 2017, the concept of smart and interactive videos is going to transform the core functions, which the advertising and marketing world sustains upon.

“The dynamics of the marketing industry is going through a drastic transformation and smart videos will have a seismic impact on content marketing sphere. New patterns, methods, and techniques would be adopted and formed for the mechanism of the industry as well as for impacting the consumers,” he said.

However, he also added that the businesses and marketers will also face a challenge of acquiring and engaging a viewer stay on the video platform. He said the squeezing attention span of consumers was further hardening this challenge.

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